Friday, March 23, 2012


The absolute first order of business in Jared's day yesterday was constructing a pillow fort.  He joyfully threw every pillow in our house down the stairs, and ran around in circles while I constructed the walls of the fort.  As soon as I was done, he climbed inside and proudly announced, "I built a pillow fort!"
Right, buddy.  YOU built it.  At least we all got to enjoy it.

Eloise, as usual, was primarily interested in having a dozen games of peek-a-boo every hour.  Where's Eloise?
 Boo! Or, in Eloise's words, Ngoo! (That first letter is really more of a nasalized glottal stop, but I'm probably the only one who cares whether the phonetic transcription is accurate or not).

I, being more of the boring adult type, really wanted to get some laundry put away.  I'm not sure exactly how this happened, but one minute I was schlepping around a basket full of clean, folded clothes, and the next minute I was a railroad engineer, chugging through the house with two human passengers, four stuffed animals, and a rolling cat that had rolled onto our tracks.  Jared was yelling, "Cat on the tracks!" at random intervals for the rest of the day.
 I'm glad I'm not a children's photographer.  Is there anything harder than getting two little people's attention at the same time?

 Today, at eleven months and one week old, Eloise got her teeth brushed for the first time.  She has been standing around watching us go through this morning ritual every day with awe and wonder in her eyes, so I decided to let her have a go.  She was actually quite professional about it.
 No toothbrush gnawing for this girl.  Only brushing and drooling.  She even sat still while I did a quick brushing of her four-ish teeth.  Please don't ask about how teething is going.  Someday she will have a full set of teeth and we will all be able to sleep again.  We hold onto that hope.
 Eloise is so proud to be a big girl with her own toothbrush.  I'm loving that it is warm enough for short sleeves today, so I get to adore these chubby baby arms.

Both children are miraculously sleeping at the same time today, thanks to a play date with some new friends this morning.  I obviously need to go clean my grimy mirrors and get three dozen other things done while the quiet lasts. . . and, with that, nap time is over.

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