Thursday, December 1, 2011

A little bit of November

Even though it has been chilly and rainy all November, we haven't been completely shut in.  Jared, Eloise, and I had a trip to the zoo on one rainy day. I was terrible about taking pictures.  This is about it.
 We spent a lot of time raking our leaves, that fell until they were knee deep in our yard and driveway.  We took advantage of our few dry days to play in the yard.  Of course the leaves kept falling faster than we could rake them up.  We have a whole system for raking leaves, now.  Eloise rides in the baby carrier on my back, and Jared. . .
. . . can't get enough of those leaves anywhere! 

After freezing in the yard, we needed something to warm us up.  Jared had his first cup of apple cider.  He wouldn't stop drinking for the picture.  
Not every day has been great for going outside, though.  There has been quite a bit of this:
And this: 
Eloise isn't as avid a jumper as Jared, but she does enjoy an occasional jump. There is no chance of getting a picture of her smiling in the jumper, though, because she only smiles when she is whizzing up and down.  

One day, as a family home evening activity, we made pizzas.  Jared is quite the chef.  He made some really spicy pizzas.

Aunt Cheyenne made Eloise a new hat, so we had a little photo shoot for her etsy shop.  This photo was the favorite.
 Our little princess is very photogenic.  Thanks for the hat, Aunt Cheyenne! It's delicious.
Jared also modeled a hat that Cheyenne made for him a last summer.  
 We couldn't put on hats without going outside to splash in puddles. I'm trying to persuade Jared that splashing in puddles is for boots only, not gloves.
In spite of all of our raking, this is roughly what our driveway looks like right now.  We are waiting for a couple of dry days so that we can rake them up again.  Correction: We are waiting for two consecutive dry days corresponding with me being motivated.
I have been surprised how much work it is to get the kids bundled up to go outside.  The boots, coats, mittens, extra socks, and hats can be a lot to deal with just to get out the door, not to mention keeping track of it all at the park/zoo/library/store.  I need to find a way to streamline the process so we can get out of the door in less than half an hour.  Any suggestions?   I love this beautiful cold rainy weather.  I probably just need to be more organized.

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Colette Campbell said...

My suggestion for the coat/mitten stuff: move back to AZ. There, wasn't that easy? :)