Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy two thirds of a birthday

 Eloise is 8 months old today.  She didn't get a lot of mention in the Christmas post because she is too busy being a baby to notice much Christmas festivity.
Eloise is an independent little woman.  She loves to crawl around on her belly to open doors, chase toy cars, eat stray pieces of paper that fall within her reach, and find Jared to see what he is doing and whether she can join in.
She had a brief stint (about a month) where she would feed herself a bottle if we propped her on a pillow with it.  Now that her crawl is getting more efficient, though, she doesn't sit still long enough to drink more than a few swallows before she is off to investigate a sound or a toy or a cupboard door that she can see. If we want her to eat we have to tuck her securely into our arms and take her away from any stimulation (translation: Jared).
 The princess was a reluctant sitter, since sitting up meant sitting still, and not being able to crawl around at will.  She finally stayed sitting up unsupported on November 30, when I set her in a sitting position at library story time.  Here is the big moment, captured on camera.

Eloise has always sort of had her own thing going on.  Whenever anyone would try to play with her, she would stop what she was doing to watch the other person instead of interacting.  That changed yesterday, when Eloise learned how to clap.  Now she will clap when we ask her to, some of the time.  If her socks are off she claps her feet instead of her hands, since they make a louder clap.
She learned how to blow raspberries when she was experimenting with the B sound. It didn't take very long for "B-b-b-b-b" to turn into spitting.  Now she spits all of the time.  I blame the influence of two eight month old spitters who we frequently sit near at church.  Eloise's transformation into an interactive baby has not been limited to clapping.  She also grabs my hands to play pat-a-cake, and continues gurgling and spitting when I talk back to her.  This is the best age.  Isn't she a doll?

Eloise has been a terrible sleeper for several months.  She has been waking up multiple times at night totally unpredictably.  We finally figured out that she has been getting cold at night, so we started putting her in two sets of pajamas, and putting a heating pad in her crib before we put her down in it, and she is down to two wakings per night.  It sounds bad, but they are fairly predictable now, which helps us get a lot more sleep.
Obviously we are not so great at this cold weather business.  All of the jacket layering and keeping track of mittens and gloves and hats was getting to be a bit much for getting out the door, until I got around to getting Jared a thick winter coat, and I discovered buntings.  Having one clothing item that keeps the baby warm from head to toe is brilliant.  Here is the princess, snug and warm, even though I had to break ice out of the swing before she got into it.  
This sweet baby still doesn't have any teeth, and her progress in solid foods is slow.  It is made even slower by her new need to either hold the spoon herself or blow raspberries with food in her mouth.  Baby feeding is a messy business.
All in all, we are all glad to have this ticklish little thing around. She laughs at Jared's antics and chews away at our fingers, and keeps us on our toes with her curiosity.  Don't grow too fast, little princess.

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