Sunday, November 13, 2011


On October 19, we got an extra special three and a half days of happiness treat when Jordanne came to visit!  Jordanne has been my best friend forever.  We stayed with her family when we were in Utah in July, so she was returning the visit.  We can't get enough of Jordanne.  She cooked and cooked and cooked for us (I'm pretty sure I gained five pounds while she was here), played with the babies, and, of course, accompanied us on some Seattle adventures.

On October 20, we went to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.  It was a drizzly day, but the park map comes with a guide to seeing the zoo in the rain from indoor exhibit to indoor exhibit.  
Here Jordanne, Eloise, and Jared enjoy the flamingos and ducks.
After we had wandered around looking at animals for over an hour we went to the Zoomazium, an indoor learning and play area, for zoo music time.  Music about animals blasts from speakers while toddlers run around with assorted shakers.  This was the highlight of Jared's day.  When we went back to the zoo last week, all he wanted to do was go to the zoomazium and hear zoo music.  And see bunnies.
When we left the zoomazium, we bundled two tired babies into the car to drive home, and then we spent the afternoon cooking, of course.  Todd is trying to talk Jordanne into opening a restaurant, or becoming our personal chef.  I have to admit, my own cooking has been spoiled for me a little.  Todd's favorite was the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, which we made to doorbell ditch to some of our neighbors.  There is nothing like cookie haunting to get us in the spirit of Halloween!

Friday was another rainy day.  We couldn't decide what to do with our day, so we ended up just taking the kids to the Bellevue Square Mall, which has a whole level devoted to an indoor play area.  Did they like the inside playground?
Yes, they did.  It is truly impossible to get a happy and excited child to sit still.  I have about fourteen pictures in this series, and these are the clearest.
Jordanne and Eloise bonded while I followed Jared around the play area.  It was extremely crowded on a rainy day.
Jordanne was mistaken for Eloise's mom by another mom who had two children almost exactly the same ages as mine.  She got away with it until the other mom asked Eloise's birthday.  Jordanne couldn't remember.  
We didn't play for very long before it was time to go meet Todd at work for lunch.  Lunch at Google meant that all of those delicious Jordanne concocted leftovers had to wait.  

On Saturday, at Jordanne's suggestion, we went to Pike Place Market on the Seattle waterfront.  This is like the ultimate farmer's market with multiple sprawling levels of food stands, handicrafts, fish markets, flower vendors, restaurants, candy stores, produce stands, novelty shops, and much, much more, all complete with ocean views if you can get close to a window.  The market was absolutely teeming with people, which means Jared didn't get to walk as much as he wanted to, but we placated him with samples of fruits, nuts, breads, and Jordanne's favorite pepper jellies.  Here Jared, Jordanne, and I sample some balsamic vinegar near the market exit, while Eloise enjoys a bottle.
This was really fun.  We picked up lunch of fish and chips and hot soup across the street from the main market.  We found this funny head stand near where we ate, which Jared didn't really understand.  This is the only picture we got of him actually looking at the camera without his arm through the head hole.  Jared and Jordanne both look a little bit alarmed.  
We spent the afternoon watching a movie, eating yet another batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and enjoying Jordanne's company before she left early Sunday morning.  Thanks for coming, Jordanne! We love you. Please come play with us again soon.    

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