Monday, November 21, 2011


 Halloween started for us on October 26 with Halloween story time.  I didn't go very wild with costumes for the kids this year.  Jared got to be a construction flagger, using his hat party favor from Ezra's birthday party, that we didn't make it to last year.  Jared really liked being something that he recognized.  He loved his stop-slow sign. 
 And here is Eloise "Richard Simmons" Knight, ready to sweat to some oldies.
Halloween story time was really fun.  There were a lot of cute costumes on the preschool kids.  It got Jared really excited for his real Halloween.  

On October 31, we started Halloween off with Google trick or treating.  Jared loves Google so much that he doesn't even need candy, cookie decorating, balloons, popcorn, spider rings, snacks, and lots of other kids to be excited about being at Daddy's office.  Even when he wasn't going from desk to desk saying, "Trick or treat!" He was reminding us that we were walking on "Google floor!" and going through "Google door!"
Black frosting on bat cookies gave Jared this awesome smile.  
After google-ween, we went home for Eloise to take a short nap before going to our church chili cook off.  Of course Jared wasn't very interested in chili when he knew that candy was waiting.  He had about five bites of chili before he was ready for the cupcake he got in the cake walk.  At 7:00 we moved outside into the freezing cold weather for a trunk or treat.    
We got cold pretty fast, and we were all tired from our busy day of Halloweening, so we were glad to head home.  Of course sugar kept a certain little guy up past his bedtime, but it's only once a year, right?  Happy Halloween!

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