Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Daddy's had a birthday, shout hooray!

On November 4, Todd turned 28.  Jared was really excited about this event.  A few days before the birthday, we went to the store and got Daddy a bathrobe.  We took it home and hid it in a drawer in Jared's room.  Jared, who has recently discovered the game "hide and seek," wanted to find it again as soon as it was hidden.  I managed to convince him that it wanted to stay hidden until Daddy's birthday.  This should be abundantly obvious, but if you want to keep a secret, don't tell a two year old.  The next night, when Daddy was giving Jared a bath, Jared noticed Eloise's bathrobe hanging on the door. Of course, with bathrobes on his mind, the secret came right out his mouth.  "Baby Eloise have a bathrobe! Mommy have a bathrobe, and Daddy have a bathrobe!"  A comment like that doesn't immediately give it away, coming from a toddler's stream of consciousness, but Todd's suspicions were aroused.  On the morning of Daddy's birthday, I told Jared it was time to go get Daddy's present out of it's hiding place.  Jared went tearing across the house at full speed, yelling, "Get Daddy bathrobe!" at the top of his lungs.  Jared thinks a secret involves blowing air in someone's ear and then tickling them.  There was no denying his excitement, though.

Todd went to work, as usual, and we set to work cooking up a batch of pumpkin cupcakes.  I cooked and Jared taste tested.
 Eloise played happily on the floor.  She is an expert self entertainer.  Jared also provided our baking with musical accompaniment.  He sang, "Daddy's had a birthday, shout hooray! We want to sing to Daddy today.  One year older and wiser, too.  Happy birthday to Daddy!"  When I sing it correctly (insert "you" in place of each "daddy"), he said, "That not how it goes!"
 Later, when the cupcakes had cooled, we frosted.  Or, I frosted intently, and was surprised to hear Jared suddenly announce, "I'm covered in chocolate!"  Sure enough. . .
 When he noticed that I was trying to take a picture, he told himself sternly, "No talk in Mommy's picture."  I had to laugh.
The cupcakes turned out looking and tasting pretty good.
It was a low key birthday.  We were happy to spend the evening playing together, eating cupcakes, cuddling with the plush new bathrobe with the handsome man in it, and singing "Daddy's had a birthday" over and over and over again.
Happy birthday, Todd! Twenty eight looks good on you.

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