Friday, October 21, 2011


Wow. A LOT has happened since I last posted.  I will try to be concise.  First, with some cleaning and truck loading help from good friends in California, we made it out of our old apartment.  With a lot of help from Grandma Knight and Dan over the course of a very long day and a very very long night, we made the trip to our new home in Washington.  The trip made a big impression on Jared.  He still reminds us daily of Grandma letting him have ice cream.  Dan seems to have assimilated himself into our family unit in Jared's mind, as he has said a lot of, "Please bless Mommy and Daddy and Dan," prayers.

One of the features of our new home is a large yard.  You know what that means. Yes. Two very happy children.
 On one of our first days here I took Jared outside to rake leaves while Eloise napped.  He was in leaf heaven.  I raked leaves onto the pile he was sitting in as he laughed and laughed. "Mommy rake you!"
We got to hang up the swing (I optimistically bought in June) in our backyard!
 The wet weather and dozens of trees in our yard mean that our grass is never dry.  Jared, who had one pair of shoes in California, needed some new boots.  These are pretty much the cutest little rain boots ever.  Not to mention the excessively handsome little blondie in them.
Jared wants to play outside all of the time.  Whenever I tell him it is time to come in he says, "Jared stay outside all day."  He asks for each of his meals to be turned into a picnic, even if it is pouring down rain outside.

Of course we still go to parks several times a week.  Jared and Eloise are both park enthusiasts.  A little drizzling can't stop us from enjoying a lonely park.  
Jared now uses the big kid swing. What? I know. I can't believe it either.  The reason he is soaking wet in this picture us because we got caught in a downpour between our car and the playground.  Parking for this park (North Rose Hill Park) is not close to the playground, so we made a run for the shelter of the playground forts.    We actually avoided getting too soaked in the rain, but then Jared decided to use his clothes as a towel to dry off the soaking wet playground.  Even though the sun came out after about five minutes of rain, we didn't stay in the park very long that day.
We have found a new story time at the Kirkland library, which Jared likes just as much as his old story time.  We have a new playgroup with friends from church, and we are starting to feel like this is home.  I think we will really know that this is home when Jared stops putting the "new" adjective on everything from the dishwasher to the garage.
We did get Jared a new big kid bed, which has been an adventure.  He didn't figure out that he could get out of it on his own for about a week after he started sleeping in it, but when he did the fun began.  After a couple of days without naps and a couple of nights falling asleep in his dinner, we cracked down on staying in bed at naptime.  Today's nap was relatively painless for everyone.  Either naptime enforcement is working, or playing at the Bellevue Square Mall indoor playground this morning really wiped him out.  
We also switched to cloth diapers, which I think are very cool.  Here is Jared modeling one after a nap.  Actually, he is showing off his belly button, but you can admire the cloth diaper, too.  Todd may not be fully converted to cloth, yet, but I'm sure he will come around.  
On October 9, just a week shy of her half birthday, we introduced solid foods into Eloise's diet.  We were hoping that they would help her sleep through the night, which she hasn't done in about three months, but so far we haven't succeeded.
Here is the little show stopper's first bite of cereal.

All in all, Washington is starting to feel like home.  We miss our California friends, but we are busy busy busy, and starting to get excited for the holidays!

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