Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Half Birthday!

Eloise is six months old! Where did the time go? The first half year of our princess's life has been very eventful.
Eloise is a very alert, active baby.  She loves to play on her tummy, where she can move around and see all of the action in a room.  She tries to crawl, pushing with her legs, and pushing with her arms, so she moves one inch forward and two inches back.  She can get around by rolling, but she gets very intent on her toys and doesn't like to leave them.
Eloise drools constantly, and usually has something in her mouth. She isn't a big eater. She just likes to gnaw on the spoon. 
Eloise loves to be outside as long as she is bundled up. She LOVES swinging, especially when Jared is swinging nearby.  The swing gives her a great vantage point to survey the playground.    
 It can be pretty cold here.  We are glad Aunt Cheyenne made this great hat.  It is getting a lot of use on our bald baby.
The Ergo carrier is Eloise's ride most of the time when we leave the house, and the only place where she can fall asleep when we are away from home.  
Eloise has found her voice and it is LOUD.  She discourses noisily at inopportune moments.  This is a habit that Jared has been happy to learn from her.  To everyone at church who is wondering who was yelling, "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" during the closing prayer last week. . . that wasn't Eloise.
Eloise also has a silly voice, a cough for attention, and many variations on gurgling.  Our favorite Eloise noise is the laugh.   She laughs a lot, but never when we expect her to.  
I mentioned that Eloise likes swinging and she likes toys.  She also likes swinging her toys.  She gets very excited about her toys and flails them around.  She does not know her own strength, and doesn't always manage to hold onto the toy through the swing.  I have only just managed to avoid getting a black eye from this enthusiasm so far.  Eloise is no longer allowed to hold toys while she is eating. 

We don't have new measurements for Eloise, since we haven't found a new pediatrician yet, but stay tuned.  
We are so happy to see these beautiful blue eyes every day.  I can't believe it's been six months already!

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