Friday, September 16, 2011

A non milestone

Eloise is five months old today.  This is one of the minor achievements of her life, but since she is changing so much every day, I didn't want to miss a chance to post a couple of pictures.  This week she has been having a growth spurt.  How do I know? I can see her little baby fat rolls growing before my eyes.  And her appetite has doubled.
Our princess is getting more and more interactive.  She loves looking at books, making vowel sounds very expressively, playing peek-a-boo, and stuffing things into her mouth.  Her voice has three volumes: grunt, yell, and shriek.  We (meaning mom, dad, and the neighbors for six blocks around) only hear shriek when she is very hungry or very tired.  Yell is her normal volume.
Could these eyes possibly be more blue?
Today we went to our last story time in San Mateo.  We have gone almost every week for the last 23 months, and we are really going to miss it.  Eloise is starting to love it as much as Jared does, but all the stimulation wears her out.  Today she snoozed all the way home and then for more than three hours after.
 I love this squishy little baby phase.  Happy five months day, princess!

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Jen said...

I TOTALLY saw you taking that pictures of the sleeping princess!!!! I honked and waved but you were in awe of her beauty and could not be distracted. =) I can't believe how fast she's grown....and how quickly you're leaving. =(