Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Before we go

We are getting packed and cleaned up for our move to Kirkland next week very slowly, but since I am anticipating the pace of this move picking up by Friday, I thought I would record some of our events of the last week before things get really crazy.

On Sunday, we went for a walk down by the bay.  Our midpoint was Harbor View Park, where we let the kids out of the stroller to play.
Of course Jared loves every playground, but it is a treat to get to play with Daddy. 

The big event of the day was putting the princess in a swing for the first time.  At first she hung on for dear life. . . 
 But in next to no time she started to enjoy herself. She even liked Jared kicking and making the swingset vibrate.
 Jared definitely did not like swinging his first time around.  Eventually she let go of the swing so she could put her hands in her mouth. . .
 Occasionally taking them out for a grin.
 I can't wait to get to our new house and hang up the swing I optimistically bought in June.
On our return trip, Eloise did not like the wind in her face, so she hitched a ride in the baby carrier.  Jared, ever the opportunist, took her seat.  This is him doing two "thumbs" up.

On Monday morning, Jared greeted me in his crib by panting like a dog.  He informed me that he is a little dog ("yiddo gog"), and this lasted until nap time.  Every time I spoke to him, he would repeat my words back to me and add "yiddo gog" on the end.  Me: Do you want some nectarine with your lunch? Jared: Want some neckaween, yiddo gog? Yes, peese. Want neckaween, peese.

That afternoon I was talking to him about birthdays and I mentioned that on his next birthday he will be three.  His eyes got huge as he excitedly annouced, "Like Mommy! Be three like Mommy!"
I love Jared being two.

On Tuesday, inspired by Curious George Goes to the Aquarium, Jared, Eloise, and I went to the California Academy of Sciences, which Jared calls the aquarium, or, in Jared speak, the "akeem."  The Academy has lots of other features, but the lowest level is all aquarium.  Jared was so excited about being in the aquarium that he forgot to ask to use the aquarium potty every five minutes, actually waiting until he needed to go to ask.  This means that we got to enjoy an outing for a change.  We got there early enough that the aquarium level was mostly deserted when we arrived.  Jared flitted from exhibit to exhibit, pausing long enough to stare open mouthed at the creatures on display, before turning and running to another window yelling, "Fish! Fish! See more fish! Fish in akeem!"

 It was like watching a little Tasmanian Devil going every direction at once as he dashed from place to place. Here he is trying to count all the fish in the sea.
Eloise also enjoyed the aquarium, possibly because the tanks are all lit from inside.
Even though it looks like she is about to be beamed up by the aliens in the picture above, the reality is that her stroller is parked in a tunnel with aquarium window overhead and on two sides.  She can see sunlight from a skylight through the water above her.  
And this ridiculously dark picture proves that I was there, too.
It was a great outing.  Jared and Eloise were both thoroughly exhausted on the way home, which means she slept and he giggled at everything as I kept him awake.

I almost wish we were going to be here a little longer so that we could go back soon, but then I think about the yard and the washer and dryer that will be mine in our new house, and the regrets about leaving start to get a little blurry.  We will definitely miss our friends, and we will remember our experiences here fondly, but we are looking forward to our new adventure!


Natchel said...

You're moving to Washington?? Or is there another Kirkland somewhere...? Wow! Why? Details!

camsoupa said...

Translation: "see Jared... Jared swinging, go swinging with Jared!?!"
(we miss you guys! Eloise is getting SO big!)