Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The numbers are in

Yesterday Jared and Eloise went to see the doctor for their two year and four month checkups, respectively.  This means that they both had shots.  I walked into the doctor's office wondering whether I was going to regret scheduling both of their shots at the same time.  I walked out of the doctor's office an hour and a half later thinking, "That wasn't so bad.  I wonder why I am so tired."
As I was telling Todd about the visit to the doctor later, I started to understand why I felt so worn out. Getting two kids undressed, examined, pricked, fed, soothed, dressed, and back in the car is a lot of work, especially when there are three doctor's office potty trips mixed in, one of the children is not compliant with the examination (Jared apparently hates nurses), and one child arrived at the doctor's office with her diaper leaking.  Eloise also definitely ate a whole bottle in there somewhere.
The part that I had been dreading, which ended up not being too bad, was the shots.  Jared squirmed and complained until he actually got the shot.  Then he announced that, "No shots hurt you," and asked for the promised watermelon.  Eloise also handled her vaccines well.  She got two shots and an oral vaccine.  She let out one little bleat in protest and then was fine again.
Here are the new numbers:
 This chick (with the crazy eyes) weighs 14 lbs. 3.5 oz. (60th percentile), is 24.5 inches long (55th percentile), and has a head circumference of 42.5 cm (85th percentile).
Jared weighs 30 lbs. 2 oz. (75th percentile), is 35 inches tall (65th percentile), and has a head circumference of 50.5 cm (90th percentile).

Jared loves Dr. Lin.  He was a little bit of a show off when the doctor was in the exam room, doing a speed version of "Ring Around the Rosies" and giving him cheesy smiles.  We are really going to miss Dr. Lin when we move to our new home next month.
Here is some more Jared cheesiness for your enjoyment.
While we were washing Jared's hands yesterday, Jared thought the water was too hot, so he said, "Be more cool, water! Water need sunglasses."
Sunglasses definitely do make things more cool.  That is good, sound, two year old logic.

Jared was called on to say the prayer for lunch.  He asked for watermelon for lunch, but he wasn't getting it, so he invoked divine intervention.  "Please bless watermelon no taste yucky. Please bless watermelon."

This morning we said a prayer in the car before driving Daddy to the airport for his trip to Seattle to find us a new home.  Later, while Jared was playing, he sat down on his scooter and said, "Dear Heavenly Father."
I asked him, "Are you saying a prayer?"
He replied, "Jared say a prayer and GO!"

Later, after cruising around on the scooter for a while he turned it on its side and declared, "Jared need air pump bike.  Need air pump bike wheel."
Apparently the pressure in his little plastic wheels was getting low.  Good thing the little mechanic caught that!

Just now, while we were cleaning up the mess Jared made with hand soap while I was writing this post, Jared said, "Jared no have chicken teeth. Jared no have chicken teeth.  Jared have bear teeth. Grrrrrrr."
And now chickens have teeth.  Having a two year old is a delightful adventure.

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Dan and Katie said...

I am waiting to take Landon to is 2 year check up so I can combine it with Cades 6 month check up. I'm not as brave as you and plan on taking my mom to help me out. Your kiddos are getting big.