Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy birthday to Jared!

Today is this little man's birthday.  He is two. 
 Yesterday, we started his day by throwing balloons into his crib. "Happy birt-day bayoons," he calls them.

Later, we had a birthday party for him at Ryder Park.  Jared loves to be outside. I think that he believes that all parks are his personal property.  Here he is swinging side by side with Ruth.
 All of the moms decided to take the morning off, so it was sort of a dad party.  Todd, Greg, and Adam took turns with Baby Jane.
 I had Eloise. She fell asleep the minute we got to the park and took a two hour nap on my belly.
Cache, Ruth, and Jared pretty much took care of themselves, with the help of some popsicles. . . 
. . .  and watermelon.
The splash fountains came on at 11:00.  The day was not very warm, but that didn't stop Jared and Ruth.  Jared is not normally very hesitant about water, but when he discovered that Daddy was willing to play in the water with him, he was suddenly unable to enter the water without Daddy's help.
 They both got soaked, and had a great time.
I somehow managed to get two almost identical pictures of a shivering Jared. The hat transforms him.
 This is a picture of a friend hug, but it was sort of lost in the towels.
Cache wasn't too excited about the water.  He was probably the smart one.
Jared had to come out of the fountains and warm up, after a while. A church group was using the park pavilion for a barbecue.  Jared heard them singing one of their church songs as he was heading back to the playground and said, "Somebody singing! Happy birt-day to you!"
Jared did NOT want to leave when the party was over.  Thanks for coming to celebrate with us, friends!  
Happy birthday, Jared! This has been the best two years of our lives, thanks to you.

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