Sunday, August 21, 2011

Four months in the blink of an eye

Eloise is four months old. This means that she keeps herself very busy doing the things that a four month old does.
Gnawing on her fists is pretty much a given.
Playing with/chewing on toys.  I love the little baby fat rolls on her arms and legs.
Eloise prefers chewing on cloth to all other materials (except fists, of course).
 Smiling and laughing.  Eloise has about a million different expressions.  I wish I could capture and save every single precious look.  I especially wish I could collect these smiles.
Eloise has a very easy laugh.  Some things that make her chortle include singing "C is for Cookie" in my best (very bad) impression of cookie monster, and getting nose to nose with her and saying, "Whoa!"  Sometimes all we have to do is catch her eye and she starts to giggle.
 Occasionally we even catch her sleeping. Note the slobber glare.
 At four months, Jared was still dependent on a swaddle blanket to keep him asleep.  Eloise doesn't care for binding very much, but she hasn't made up her mind about swaddling yet.  She does love to be warm.
Eloise is a champ at rolling from her belly to her back.  She can also roll from her back to her side, but she hasn't yet seen a need to roll the rest of the way over.
I put her in the doorway jumper to see if she liked it.  Apparently this is not one of her four month old things.  She started falling through one of the leg holes and complaining a lot.
 That's okay.  Rufus had a good time jumping and swinging.
Jared has recently started to take an interest in interacting with Eloise.  He likes to sit with her on the floor and show her how her toys work.  He also says, "Jared hold it pih-tess," and sits down to have her put in his lap.  I don't know how to tell him that the princess does not love this activity as much as he does. He seems to be oblivious to her loud complaints about being on his lap.
She does seem to like it when they play their stationary game of "Ring Around the Rosies," which happens pretty frequently.  It is fun to see them beginning to interact.
We love our little princess!

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