Sunday, August 14, 2011

Daddy jump AIRPLANE!

On Friday, July 29, Todd, Cheyenne, Ryan, and I jumped out of an airplane.  As you might remember, this was one of Todd's new year's resolutions.
We packed Annika (our photographer), Aaron, Eloise, and Jared into our car.  We also brought our friend Jenna to help babysit.  This was fun for me because I used to babysit Jenna when she was Jared's age and even younger.  This left us with one more person than we have seats, so Ryan, a natural thrill seeker, drove his motorcycle to the Ogden Skydiving Center.

Here we are before the big jump.

Do we look nervous?

Annika and Jenna took the kids to a nearby park while we got our training and waited for our turn to fly.  Annika was attempting to feed Eloise as we were waiting our turn to go up, and she kept sending me text messages to let me know that Eloise would not stop screaming.  I ended up getting in the airplane stressed out about Eloise.  We jumped from 12,000 feet.  At 11,000 feet I realized that Eloise was probably crying because she was overdressed, but by then she had settled down to eat her bottle, and I had to focus on jumping out of an airplane.

Gearing up. . .
Halfway. . . 
Me on the verge of doing something stupid. . .
Cheyenne following my bad example. . .
Todd forgot to pack his normal socks, so here he is making a classy fashion statement as he leaps from a plane in dorky black socks.  We tried to talk him into wearing a dorky jumpsuit instead, but only Todd could be this awesome. 
 This is the man I love.

I surprised myself with how calm I felt about the whole experience.  We joked about peeing our pants or vomiting on our tandem jumpers, but I was never really terrified.  The ground does come up sort of fast when you are in freefall, and it is surprisingly hard to breathe when you are falling that fast, but there was never really any danger of me losing my lunch.  Before I jumped out of an airplane, I thought that it would be a one time ever thing for me, but it was kind of a rush.  I might not say no to a chance to do it again.  The only drawback in my experience was a a yanking on my shoulders when the parachute opened.  I was sore for days.  I also got gravel in my shoes on the landing, but that was softer than I expected it to be, so I can't complain.
Annika and Jenna managed to get the kids rounded up and back in time to take pictures and video of our jump, landing, and triumphant return.  Jared was excited to announce over and over, "Daddy jump AIRPLANE! Mommy jump airplane! Daddy AND Mommy jump airplane!"  We went out for pancakes to celebrate our survival.

After skydiving, the rest of our Utah adventure was fairly tame.  On Saturday we let Uncle Ryan and Aunt Anni babysit our kids while we went to the Utah Festival Opera's production of South Pacific in the Ellen Eccles Theater. Afterwards we went out to dinner with my dad, who was meeting Eloise for the first time.

I love those Utah mountains.

On Sunday we went to church and then said our goodbyes.  My mom was  leaving Logan that afternoon for her move to Georgia, and we were leaving for Idaho and the second part of our road trip adventure.

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