Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The numbers are in

Yesterday Jared and Eloise went to see the doctor for their two year and four month checkups, respectively.  This means that they both had shots.  I walked into the doctor's office wondering whether I was going to regret scheduling both of their shots at the same time.  I walked out of the doctor's office an hour and a half later thinking, "That wasn't so bad.  I wonder why I am so tired."
As I was telling Todd about the visit to the doctor later, I started to understand why I felt so worn out. Getting two kids undressed, examined, pricked, fed, soothed, dressed, and back in the car is a lot of work, especially when there are three doctor's office potty trips mixed in, one of the children is not compliant with the examination (Jared apparently hates nurses), and one child arrived at the doctor's office with her diaper leaking.  Eloise also definitely ate a whole bottle in there somewhere.
The part that I had been dreading, which ended up not being too bad, was the shots.  Jared squirmed and complained until he actually got the shot.  Then he announced that, "No shots hurt you," and asked for the promised watermelon.  Eloise also handled her vaccines well.  She got two shots and an oral vaccine.  She let out one little bleat in protest and then was fine again.
Here are the new numbers:
 This chick (with the crazy eyes) weighs 14 lbs. 3.5 oz. (60th percentile), is 24.5 inches long (55th percentile), and has a head circumference of 42.5 cm (85th percentile).
Jared weighs 30 lbs. 2 oz. (75th percentile), is 35 inches tall (65th percentile), and has a head circumference of 50.5 cm (90th percentile).

Jared loves Dr. Lin.  He was a little bit of a show off when the doctor was in the exam room, doing a speed version of "Ring Around the Rosies" and giving him cheesy smiles.  We are really going to miss Dr. Lin when we move to our new home next month.
Here is some more Jared cheesiness for your enjoyment.
While we were washing Jared's hands yesterday, Jared thought the water was too hot, so he said, "Be more cool, water! Water need sunglasses."
Sunglasses definitely do make things more cool.  That is good, sound, two year old logic.

Jared was called on to say the prayer for lunch.  He asked for watermelon for lunch, but he wasn't getting it, so he invoked divine intervention.  "Please bless watermelon no taste yucky. Please bless watermelon."

This morning we said a prayer in the car before driving Daddy to the airport for his trip to Seattle to find us a new home.  Later, while Jared was playing, he sat down on his scooter and said, "Dear Heavenly Father."
I asked him, "Are you saying a prayer?"
He replied, "Jared say a prayer and GO!"

Later, after cruising around on the scooter for a while he turned it on its side and declared, "Jared need air pump bike.  Need air pump bike wheel."
Apparently the pressure in his little plastic wheels was getting low.  Good thing the little mechanic caught that!

Just now, while we were cleaning up the mess Jared made with hand soap while I was writing this post, Jared said, "Jared no have chicken teeth. Jared no have chicken teeth.  Jared have bear teeth. Grrrrrrr."
And now chickens have teeth.  Having a two year old is a delightful adventure.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy birthday to Jared!

Today is this little man's birthday.  He is two. 
 Yesterday, we started his day by throwing balloons into his crib. "Happy birt-day bayoons," he calls them.

Later, we had a birthday party for him at Ryder Park.  Jared loves to be outside. I think that he believes that all parks are his personal property.  Here he is swinging side by side with Ruth.
 All of the moms decided to take the morning off, so it was sort of a dad party.  Todd, Greg, and Adam took turns with Baby Jane.
 I had Eloise. She fell asleep the minute we got to the park and took a two hour nap on my belly.
Cache, Ruth, and Jared pretty much took care of themselves, with the help of some popsicles. . . 
. . .  and watermelon.
The splash fountains came on at 11:00.  The day was not very warm, but that didn't stop Jared and Ruth.  Jared is not normally very hesitant about water, but when he discovered that Daddy was willing to play in the water with him, he was suddenly unable to enter the water without Daddy's help.
 They both got soaked, and had a great time.
I somehow managed to get two almost identical pictures of a shivering Jared. The hat transforms him.
 This is a picture of a friend hug, but it was sort of lost in the towels.
Cache wasn't too excited about the water.  He was probably the smart one.
Jared had to come out of the fountains and warm up, after a while. A church group was using the park pavilion for a barbecue.  Jared heard them singing one of their church songs as he was heading back to the playground and said, "Somebody singing! Happy birt-day to you!"
Jared did NOT want to leave when the party was over.  Thanks for coming to celebrate with us, friends!  
Happy birthday, Jared! This has been the best two years of our lives, thanks to you.

Four months in the blink of an eye

Eloise is four months old. This means that she keeps herself very busy doing the things that a four month old does.
Gnawing on her fists is pretty much a given.
Playing with/chewing on toys.  I love the little baby fat rolls on her arms and legs.
Eloise prefers chewing on cloth to all other materials (except fists, of course).
 Smiling and laughing.  Eloise has about a million different expressions.  I wish I could capture and save every single precious look.  I especially wish I could collect these smiles.
Eloise has a very easy laugh.  Some things that make her chortle include singing "C is for Cookie" in my best (very bad) impression of cookie monster, and getting nose to nose with her and saying, "Whoa!"  Sometimes all we have to do is catch her eye and she starts to giggle.
 Occasionally we even catch her sleeping. Note the slobber glare.
 At four months, Jared was still dependent on a swaddle blanket to keep him asleep.  Eloise doesn't care for binding very much, but she hasn't made up her mind about swaddling yet.  She does love to be warm.
Eloise is a champ at rolling from her belly to her back.  She can also roll from her back to her side, but she hasn't yet seen a need to roll the rest of the way over.
I put her in the doorway jumper to see if she liked it.  Apparently this is not one of her four month old things.  She started falling through one of the leg holes and complaining a lot.
 That's okay.  Rufus had a good time jumping and swinging.
Jared has recently started to take an interest in interacting with Eloise.  He likes to sit with her on the floor and show her how her toys work.  He also says, "Jared hold it pih-tess," and sits down to have her put in his lap.  I don't know how to tell him that the princess does not love this activity as much as he does. He seems to be oblivious to her loud complaints about being on his lap.
She does seem to like it when they play their stationary game of "Ring Around the Rosies," which happens pretty frequently.  It is fun to see them beginning to interact.
We love our little princess!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our beloved Idaho

We always have a great time in Idaho.  This time our fun started just about the minute we arrived when Jared got to go for a ride on the four wheeler with Grandma, Aunt Barbara, and Brooklyn (cousin Emily's daughter).
 Eloise immediately began to be adored.  I'm not sure she was put down once all week.  Here she is with Great Grandpa and Pat.
 After the four wheeler ride, Jared and Grandma jumped on the trampoline. The trampoline, wide open yard, tractors, cows, and cousins make Salmon, Idaho into a play land for Jared.
I have a few pictures of the fun we had in Idaho, but you can see more on Colette's blog.  

On Monday, we went down the street to Aunt Reah and Uncle Jim's house to play on the swing.  
Later, we played with cousins, and had a family barbecue with all of the family in the area. This included Emily, Seth, and Brooklyn, who are staying on the ranch for the summer, Carrie, who was in town for a couple of weeks before starting her new job in Orem, Mary, who recently came home from her mission in Minnesota and was also in town before heading back to school, Megan, who was staying with her parents for a few days to help take care of Becky's girls, Molly and Sophie, while Becky went on a pioneer trek, Colette's family sans Jacob, who went home early Monday afternoon, Grandma Knight, and all of the rest of the family who live in Salmon full time.
I think Jared can smell watermelon from a hundred yards.  How else could he know what he was getting from his height?

On Tuesday we got to go to a little petting zoo run by some neighbors.  All of the kids had a great time except for Molly.  When these sheep were let out of their pen they got a little bit excited and charged up to Molly at full speed hoping for some affection.  They were a little bit intimidating.  
 Jared had a great time.  When we went to the petting zoo potty, Jared sang "E-I-E-I-Oh!" the whole time.  When the pigs were released from their pen he told me, "Pigs funny!"
The kids got to feed suckers to the pigs, hold the bunnies, feed carrots to a pony, feed ducks, and watch goats do tricks.  In the end, each of the kids got a sucker of their own. I think this was Jared's first sucker.  There is a reason for that.
 Eloise didn't care much for the animals, but she was quite happy to suck on her fists.

Wednesday was a very exciting day.  We were just playing at Great Grandpa's house. . .
When Uncle Boyd drove up in a tractor and offered Jared a lift.  Jared actually got to drive the tractor for about a hundred yards.  I think this was the highlight of his trip.
For the remainder of our trip, Jared held Uncle Boyd in a sort of reverent awe.  Any time he saw Uncle Boyd anywhere he would stop what he was doing, say, "Uncle Boyd!" and watch until Uncle Boyd passed out of view.

Later, Jared was enjoying his newfound love, popsicles, with Rachel, when he had a little accident.
He was running and tripped into a propane tank, leaving part of a front tooth behind.  It didn't seem to bother him very much at the time.  Here is a picture of his new, still radiant smile.
Later that afternoon, after a sudden downpour, we went to Aunt Reah's house to play in the pool.  It was still cool from the rainstorm, but Jared refused to leave the water, long after the other kids had all drifted to other activities.  
Eloise thought the water was a little too cold for her tastes.
Having the pool to himself did not bother Jared one bit.
When we finally got him out of the frigid water, Jared promptly tripped and sliced his front lip with his newly sharpened tooth.  He bled and cried and said, "Need jelly beans feel better."  Fortunately he could be persuaded to ice his poor little fat lip with a popsicle instead.

On Thursday, the hottest day of our Idaho adventure, we took a trip to the hot springs.  We are smart like that.  The hot water in the hot sun was a bit much for all of us, so we didn't stay very long.  
Grandma Knight really wanted to celebrate Jared's second birthday while we were together.  Aunt Barbara made a chocolate zucchini cake, and everyone sang to Jared.  Rachel helped him blow out his candles.  
The significance of the occasion was lost on Jared, who was still dehydrated and exhausted from the hot springs hours earlier. He refused to taste the cake, asking for water instead. When we asked him about the birthday party later, he told us that it was Uncle Boyd's birthday.  
Jared and all of the kids enjoyed Grandma's present, a farm toy that made music and animal noises.  

Friday was Grandma, Colette, Rachel, and Annie's last day in Salmon, so we got together for a photo op.  It would have been too good to get all of the kids looking.  
Rachel and Jared had a great time together.  They enjoyed running around outside, eating popsicles and slush, countless games of "Ring Around the Rosies," and jumping on the trampoline.
We wish we could see the Campbells more often.  Cousins are the best!

On Saturday we made the long trip home.  Jared and Eloise did not love being in the car for so long, but they still had a few silly moments.  
Things we learned about Eloise on this trip: Eloise loves picture books.  Eloise does not nap well in the car.  Eloise should not be fed her bottle in the carseat.  Eloise loves to be included in things that Jared is doing.  Eloise also started to giggle on this long drive home.  Her personality is really emerging.

 We stumbled home exhausted at 11:30 on Saturday night, wishing we could have stayed in Salmon forever.  Thanks for a great trip, family!