Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy three months day, Eloise!

This is it. The end of an era.  Eloise is now officially a full fledged baby,
About a week ago, I was reading Mercer Mayer's The New Baby to Jared when I asked him if we have a new baby.  He looked around to where Eloise was happily sucking on her fist in her bouncy seat, looked back at me curiously, and said, "No."
One of us, at least, can't remember life before Eloise.
Eloise smiles a lot, especially for Daddy.  Here is the gummy little grin, captured by Daddy.
Eloise is a fantastic sleeper, and has been since before she turned two months old.  She usually sleeps between eight and eleven hours at night and then takes a long morning nap.  She generally doesn't wake up in the night. Actually, unless you count a couple of 4 a.m. feedings, she doesn't wake up at night at all. She can now stay awake for a maximum of two hours before she is too tired to function.  Here she is a month ago sleeping off her two month vaccinations. 
 And the day before yesterday, looking coy.
Things were never meant to be exactly equal between siblings, so I try not to worry about the fact that I don't have as much time to just sit and watch her discover the world as I had with Jared.  When I do get a chance to spend some time watching her, I have to agree with Todd.  She really is pretty, isn't she?
The princess has outgrown nearly all of her clothes in the 0-3 months size.  She is too tall.  It's hard to tell from pictures, since her legs are always moving or curled up, but her legs are getting long.  One thing she hasn't outgrown is the undersized tear ducts of her infancy.  That means that she always has tears in her eyes or running down her face. Her pediatrician assures us that her tear ducts will catch up by the time she turns one.

Eloise is generally very patient. So far she has been sat on, stepped on, poked, prodded, and excessively loved by one affectionate, but absent minded, toddler.  She will wait with only mild fussing to be fed or rocked to sleep, but she has a zero tolerance policy for meal interruptions.  
Even her frown is pretty adorable.
Two days ago I set Eloise in the round chair in Jared's room while I helped him get dressed.  He immediately broke away from me and climbed in with her.  Next thing I knew, he had her hands and was chanting, "Ring a rosies! Ring a rosies! Ashes, ashes!" Then he climbed out of the chair to demonstrate "All fall down."  Eloise was enthralled. She adores Jared, even if she is a bit wary of him sometimes.  
I am excited for them to become playmates.  It has been really fun to watch them learning to love each other.  
Goodbye sleepy newborn.  Hello busy baby.  Happy three months day, princess! 

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