Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I know I'm behind. We have been having way too much fun for me to find time to post, of course. Actually, somebody had the bright idea three weeks ago to go all in with potty training our not quite two year old with a high maintenance under three month old in the house, so my hands always seem to be full of hungry, tired, or on the way to the bathroom baby. I've got to admit that the potty training thing was my bad idea. The stress in our house was so thick you could cut it with a knife for about a week and a half. We are much better now. As soon as I acknowledged that it wasn't working we all relaxed and it started working. Jared is almost potty trained.
Our father's day was great this year. At least I thought it was. Jared and I went to the store on Saturday and got a new cooler for Daddy to take on picnics. On Sunday we made a picnic and went to Laurelwood Park to enjoy some sunshine and warm weather. The park was wonderful. Unlike the parks closer to home, it wasn't remotely crowded. We had our choice of four picnic tables, a great big lawn all to ourselves, and a really great fenced playground far from the road. We apartment dwellers become park experts, and this park was worth the drive.
The day was gorgeous, too, if a little bit windy.

We are thankful for all of the important dads in our lives, especially our #1 Daddy!
Becoming a father for the first time almost two years ago. . . 
and becoming a daddy again in April.
Jared wants to be just like Daddy.

He couldn't have a better role model. Thanks for all you do, Daddy! We love you.

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