Sunday, July 10, 2011

Alan and Kaity sitting in a tree. . .

On June 25, Todd's childhood friend, Alan, got married.  This is great because Alan is very cool.  It was also great because Alan married a girl from the bay area, so we actually got to go to the wedding.  It is probably also great for Alan and Kaity, but I forget why.    :)
Todd went to the sealing ceremony in the morning, but Eloise isn't old enough for us to feel comfortable leaving her for that long, so Jared, Eloise, and I stayed on the peninsula and went to a baby shower for our friend Siera.

We did all get to go to Alan and Kaity's reception that evening.  It was at the bride's parent's beautiful house about an hour northeast of where we live.  Their yard was HUGE.  Jared had a great time running around.  It made us feel our growing need for a yard of our own.

Something like this might give us enough space...
Of course we didn't get any pictures of the happy couple. That would have made too much sense.  We did, however, manage to get this photo:

which is a recreation of a photo from our own wedding five years ago:

It sort of captures Alan and Todd perfectly, don't you think?
Jared spent a lot of time at the reception playing with cups near the drink table, which led many well intentioned people to offer him water.  This translated into FIVE potty stops on the way home. Remember how I said it was an hour drive? The drive home was longer.  This was possibly one of the low points of our potty training experience.
Congratulations Alan and Kaity! We hope to see you again when we are in Utah in a couple of weeks.

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