Thursday, June 2, 2011

Time Out, please

As much as we would have liked to relax and take a break to enjoy our new bundle of joy, life has a tendency to steam onward.  In our case, life sort of steamrolled us.  When we brought Eloise home from the hospital, Jared was recovering from a long cold.  Of course our sleep deprivation and stress during her first week home made us all vulnerable, and soon all of us were suffering through a slow moving virus, including Jared, who caught another cold as soon as he recovered from the first one.  As interminable as the cold seemed at the time, it passed in a couple of weeks.    Just when we were all sure that we were going to live through the virus, Todd had an accident with our stroller while pushing Jared to the park and broke his toe.

It hasn't all been bad, though.  We have had this little face to delight us. 
After our newborn experience with Jared, Eloise has us confused with her alertness, long stretches of wakefulness, occasional ability to roll over, and preference for falling asleep unassisted. 

On May 12, Grandma and Grandpa Knight came for a visit. They couldn't wait to meet their fourth granddaughter. We were pretty excited to see them, too.  About an hour after they got off their plane, we went to Mountain View for Pre-K day at Google.  Jared was really excited for the petting zoo. During the whole half hour drive down, Jared kept chanting, "Here we come, Google! Here we come petting zoo!"  The actual petting zoo ended up being a pen full of harassed guinea pigs, ducks, chickens, goats, and rabbits, and a very patient little burro, which Jared poked in the eye. 
Here's a picture that makes it look like Jared was actually interested in the animals when he finally got into the pen. The reality is that he was distracted by the crowd of onlookers, and had to be continually reminded that the animals were there.  I think, in this picture, he is actually reaching for the bucket of garbage. 
Unfortunately, Grandpa didn't see the drop off for a ground level fountain that had been drained for the event, and he fell in, wrenching his back.  Grandma and Grandpa waited a few days for him to start feeling better, but when he didn't improve, they ended up cutting their trip short by a few days and leaving on Wednesday, May 18, in the morning.  Fortunately he didn't break any bones, and he was still able to participate in Eloise's blessing on May 15. My step aunt, Jenny, also came from Pacifica for the blessing. 
And here is our growing family.  Thanks, Cheyenne, for the beautiful baby blanket! Eloise always looks classy when I carry her around in it.
I think we look pretty good, but I'm a little biased.   Does anyone else think that the narrow baby headbands make little girls look like bald flappers?

 We were sorry to see Grandma and Grandpa leave, and sorry that they weren't able to enjoy their visit more.  Jared and Eloise enjoyed some bonding time with Grandma while she was here.  Eloise discovered that she and Grandma have a lot in common. 
Eloise's first on-purpose smile was for Grandma and Daddy on May 16, the day she turned one month old.  I think her smiles always look like she is laughing at some joke that the rest of us don't get.  
Now that Grandma and Grandpa are home and recovering, we are all healthy, and Eloise is growing like a newborn baby should, life is starting to get into a new groove.  Now, finally, we can try to relax.  We are discovering, though, that our two children have us outnumbered. 

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