Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Out Balcony

Jared LOVES to play outside.  We have been waiting impatiently for warm weather to finally arrive so that we could really go out to play.  Yesterday, finally, it arrived.  We went to Ryder Park by the bay in the afternoon because I thought Jared would enjoy seeing ducks and running in the grass.  Of course I completely forgot that Ryder Park has fountains.  If I had remembered to bring a change of clothes for Jared, he would have shunned the fountains, but since I forgot the change of clothes and remembered the sand toys, he avoided the sand and ran straight into the water. "All wet, mommy! All wet!"  Yes, I am that classy mom who brings her child home from the park without pants.
He didn't want to wear the wet shirt either, but leaving him in just his sandals, hat, and sagging diaper was too much even for my low standards of toddler modesty.  At least I had sunscreen, so his little legs didn't get burned.  Eloise is still officially a newborn until tomorrow, so I have an excuse to be scatterbrained, right?

Speaking of our little princess, Eloise, who was starting to get into a more normal baby routine, has reversed night and day for the past two days.  She has been waking up only to eat in the daytime and making nights a little bit miserable for us.  I decided to devote today to keeping her alert and entertained during the day so that we can get her back on track.  The gorgeous sunny weather remains, though, so after spending most of the morning going between plunking on the piano and pressing his nose against the windows in every room in the house hoping that I will get the hint and take him outside, Jared finally came to me with a compromise.  If we can't go to the park (a trip that would certainly lull Eloise to sleep), at least we can go "Out balcony!"  He brought me his sandals and out we went to blow bubbles on the balcony.
Here is Eloise enjoying the outdoors.  She looks sleepy, but she was fascinated watching Jared, and actually stayed awake outside for an hour and a half.  I'm excited for sun dress weather! Eloise has a closet full of sun dresses given to us by optimistic friends and neighbors.  I hope the good weather lasts long enough for her to wear each of them at least once before she outgrows them.
Jared was having a great time in the hot sun trying to blow bubbles until some men showed up to clean the drain in our parking lot.  Then bubbles were abandoned for a front row seat for drain cleaning.
  The drain cleaners have never had such an appreciative audience.  Jared applauded every time they turned on their high powered hose, and pointed in speechless fascination at each new piece of equipment that came out of their van. Speechlessness is rare for him.
He was so absorbed in drain cleaning that he refused to come inside for lunch, so I made him a picnic and moved him out of the sun.
He was still too distracted to eat until the drain cleaners took their lunch break.
I look forward to the day when we can have a yard to play in, but such a spectacle of heavy machinery is rare in a private yard.  For now I think we can be happy playing "out balcony."

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