Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bobble Me!

We have always loved and adored Jared, but as he approaches the age of two, he has gotten really, really fun.  He mimics voices and actions, puts surprising strings of words together, and does funny things to get our attention.  One of his favorite games is "hide."
I can't see him.  Can you?  Of course not.  His eyes are closed.  Soon he will open them and say, "Boo!" or "Surprise!" or "Ta-dah!" And then he will laugh and laugh and laugh.
And then he will say, "Mom's turn!"  I am supposed to fit into the cupboard just as easily as he does.  After all, when we ask Jared how old mommy is, he says, "Jared one.  Mommy two.  Daddy three,"  so why not?

A few days ago I heard Jared playing in his room.  He was talking to himself, as usual, so I tuned in to hear him say, "Jared IN dump truck!"  This is what I found.
Who needs a bike or a scooter when you are just the right size to ride the dump truck?

Jared is a model older brother.  He loves to swing toys in front of Eloise's eyes, sing "Twinkle Twinkle" to her, pat her back when she needs to burp, and supervise her diaper changes and baths. Occasionally, though, having a high maintenance little baby around makes him a little jealous.  About a week ago I had swaddled Eloise and was rocking her in our rocking chair to settle her down for a nap.  Jared brought me a blanket and said, "Bobble me! Bobble me! All done, baby Eloise."  I didn't understand what he wanted, so he kept repeating, "Bobble me! Bobble me!"  Finally he said, "Bobble me, rah-ring chair," and I understood.  He wanted me to swaddle him, and then rock him in the rocking chair.  Once I understood him he was happy to wait patiently for me to be done with Eloise.  It was difficult, since the blanket he brought me was approximately half the size of the one I had used to swaddle Eloise.
I love that he still wants to cuddle, even if the "bobbling" doesn't work out very well.

We often find Jared pouncing on spaces that Eloise has just vacated.  If she is on a blanket on the floor and we move her, Jared will take her place on the blanket.  When we get her out of the bouncy seat, Jared says, "Jared turn!" Sometimes he has to squeeze into a space that is a little bit small for him to keep this up.  Here he is about as far into her carseat as he fits.
Actually saying cheese and looking at the camera at the same time!  This is a photo in a million.

I may be feeling especially benevolent toward Jared today because we took Eloise to the doctor's office for a checkup and he actually stayed in the chair I put him in in the exam room for the entire visit.  Not one single drawer of medical supplies was emptied.  Jared is generally very obedient, but anyone who has ever spent any time with a child who is almost two knows that this is nothing short of a bona fide miracle.  Even when the miracles are less forthcoming, though, Jared fills our days with sunshine.

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Melissa Hislop said...

Aw! That little boy is the cutest. And what a good older brother. Lucy is awfully territorial about anything she thinks is hers, including my arms.