Thursday, March 3, 2011


This has been a great week for surprises.  On Tuesday, my Valentine's day/ Mother's day/ birthday present showed up.  Jared thought it was for him.  Most of the time now this is what we see of him.
Occasionally we can get him to take a break from his intensive practicing for a little of this.
 Jared was delighted to discover that his favorite primary songs and nursery rhymes have piano accompaniment.  When he isn't playing himself, he is frequently requesting that we play "Mowman" (Once There Was a Snowman) or "Peper Peper" (Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater).  I am just glad, and I'm sure our neighbors are with me on this, that Todd had the foresight to get a digital piano with volume control.  I'm not saying my child isn't a musical prodigy.  He is very delicate with the piano keys for a child of his age, but the duration and frequency of his practice sessions would otherwise exceed my patience.
I have wanted a piano for several years now, so this was a great semi-surprise gift.  I'm not a great piano player, but I'm excited to have the chance to practice.  Jared's enthusiasm just barely manages to improve on such a perfect present.  Thanks Todd!

If getting a beautiful new piano wasn't enough, my friends conspired to throw me a surprise baby shower on Wednesday afternoon.  I thought that we were going to our regular play group, only to find balloons, treats, and extra friends waiting to surprise me!
Apparently Todd's sudden anxiety about Jared's socialization had little to do with Jared's development and a lot to do with making sure I went to play group this week.
 I think he could have made his hints a little more specific so that I didn't arrive breathless and sweaty from running errands, and wearing a ratty old t-shirt.  All of my personal unpreparedness aside, don't I have the greatest friends?  They thought of everything.  There were sandboxes, trucks, and coloring posters for the kids. . .

Treats (aren't those cupcakes gorgeous?). . .
 and games.
After one too many falls in the slippery sand, Jared, who has the balance of a spinning plate on a pole in an earthquake, decided to play it safe and help me open gifts.   He was also very helpful at examining everything closely and trying on a few items for himself.
Baby Sister is going to be decked out in style.  Thanks to all of you gorgeous mamas, especially to Dru and Jen, for this great surprise.
I feel so loved!  I really do have the nicest friends in the world.

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