Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Springtime Smiles

March hasn't been all about birthday parties.  We have had some good old fashioned fun in between. Here are some of Jared's smiles from this month.

First, we had one very memorable Family Home Evening before we got rid of the box the piano came in.  Daddy taught a lesson about Noah, and then Jared "rescued" all of his stuffed animals in the "ark."
Jared played Noah for several days after this lesson, and he still tells us about "Oah" and the "art" every time it rains, which is a lot.

We haven't let the rain keep us inside.  When the rain slows to a drizzle, Jared puts on his exploring hat and rain coat and we go outside to look for puddles, worms, and squirrels.
Jared loves to stomp in puddles and throw rocks and sticks in to see them splash.

When it is raining too hard to play outside, though, we have to get creative.  One day we made chocolate chip cookies to take to friends.  Who knew that a cookie could make such a mess?  
Even a sticky Jared is still very lovable.  Grandma Jill is right; everything is better dipped in chocolate.

Jared has been warming up the little baby toys for baby sister.  Even though it is creaking under his weight, the bouncy chair still manages to bounce a little bit for him.
Jared loves it almost as much now as he did when he was an infant.  We hope he will surrender it for Baby Knight 2.0.

One day we got creative with the couch and created Couch House.  Jared immediately furnished it with the bumbo seat ("baby chair"), several toy cars, an afghan, and his best pal Rufus.  If we could get smiles like this all of the time, I don't think we would ever put the cushions back on the couch. 
Jared is waaaay too big for the bumbo seat and gets stuck every time he gets in it, but he LOVES it.  For my part, it has made cutting toddler toenails and brushing reluctant teeth a lot easier, not to mention saving us from a lot of tears from falls on slippery floors when I mop. 

When we aren't making messes or breaking in baby accessories, Jared enjoys listening to some tunes.  He has to have his noise canceling headphones because toddlers are easily distracted by extraneous noise. 
I think Jared looks a lot like his dad in this picture.  Maybe all he needed to look like Daddy from the beginning was the right accessory.

Jared was starting to be overdue for a haircut.  We had a few too many days of waking up from naps looking like this:
So we made Friday night haircut night for the boys.  Once again baby chair came in handy as Jared got his hair cut.  Then Jared got to play in the tub while Daddy got his hair cut.  Here is the end result.
Rufus did not get his hair cut, but Jared decided that he should get in on the picture anyway. 

These smiles brighten up the long cloudy days.  It is a beautiful springtime in rainy San Mateo, especially in the Knight house!

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