Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy March Birthday!

March has been full of birthday parties.  On March 5th, my gorgeous friend Meagan had a very important birthday.  In honor of this special occasion, her husband chartered a sailboat for Meagan and 25 of her closest friends to spend the morning on the bay.  It was a beautiful morning on the San Francisco bay.  It had been raining for a lot of the week, but the sky stayed clear just long enough for us to go on this incredible excursion.  It was a birthday miracle!  Here is a picture from the back of the boat as we went under the Golden Gate Bridge.  
 Here am I with Jen on the boat's back seat.  The Bay Bridge is behind us.  
 Here is the birthday girl herself, looking fantastic, as usual.   Can you believe these amazing views?  
 A thoughtful Benj rounded out his surprise party plans with fully stocked brunch boxes for everyone.  These included stuffed crepes made by Benj himself, deviled eggs, fruit cups, ham and cheese croissants, yogurt, chocolates, and beautiful sailboat cookies, among other things.  Here is a picture of Karen with her brunch.
 This was a really incredible experience.  I love sailing, I love the San Francisco Bay, and who better to share it with on a breezy, sunny March morning than all of these fabulous women?  I felt like my birthday had come early. 

Later on the same day, Jared's friend Maddy had a party for her second birthday.  She provided cupcakes (a new word for Jared), and all of our playgroup friends came to the park to play.
 Here is the closest picture we could get to Jared and birthday girl Maddy actually interacting.  Jared is starting to play with other kids more and more, but we waited too long to get this picture and he was getting pretty tired.  I think there was also a dog running around behind Daddy somewhere, so Jared was a little distracted. 
I think the highlight of this party for Jared, as much as he loved the cupcakes, was the letter he got in the mail from Maddy a few days later thanking him for coming to her party.  He still carries it around asking me to "Ree-rit" (read it). Happy birthday Maddy!

If parties for two pretty girls in March wasn't enough, last Thursday we went to another party to celebrate little Ruthie turning two.  Jared loved playing with balloons, all of the spoons in her play kitchen, Ruth's collection of stuffed "ah-mows" (animals), and, of course, friends.  Jared practiced saying "happy birthday" all afternoon the day before this party ("appy dir-day, Roofff!"), but in person he was too shy to say it unless no one was listening.  
My pictures of this party aren't that great because Jared wasn't too excited about sitting on a swivel chair without a seatbelt ("oat-belt").  You can see him staring me down.  This is the group congregated for cupcakes.  
 Jared was less excited about cupcakes at this party when the ice cream emerged.  Birthday girl Ruth is on the left.  Jake was very eager for a cupcake. 
  Happy Birthday Ruth!

In the March birthday tradition, baby Cade Mial Hoefferle was born to our friends Dan, Katie, and big brother Landon on March 21.  
  Congratulations! He is already a good looking kid.  

It looks like the only person left who is unwilling to get in on March birthdays is new baby Knight.  In spite of all of our best encouragement, she is still riding around comfortably with her head in the clouds.  Maybe she is holding out for warmer weather.  That could be a long wait.

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