Sunday, February 20, 2011


One of Jared's new favorite words, to the dismay of his exhausted parents, is "ride!"  He likes to ride in the car, on his scooter, on our shoulders, in the stroller, in our arms, on our knees when we are sitting, and on his potty.

Last weekend, before the torrential rains of this week, we decided to indulge Jared's demands for a ride by finally breaking in Todd's birthday present and taking Jared for a bike ride along the bayshore trail.
I think that Jared is adorable in his little helmet.  Todd looks kind of sinister squinting into the sun.
Jared loved the ride.  He yelled "wheeeeeeeeeee!" and pushed on Daddy to make him go faster.  The weather was cool and sunny; perfect for a bike ride from Ryder Park to Coyote Point and back.

When we got back to the park, we broke out Jared's new hat and turned him loose on the playground.  Of course he mostly just wanted to play with Daddy.
All of the hard work of riding and playing gave Jared a big appetite. . .
. . . and wore him out for an early nap.
All of this excitement made Jared more enthusiastic about rides.  We didn't get a break from the rain all week, but he imitated his bike ride by putting on a "helmet" (plastic construction hat) and riding on his scooter with his stuffed friend Rufus.
We all hope that the sun comes out soon so we can take our bikes out again.  We only have a few weeks left before little sister arrives to change everything.  Stay tuned!

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