Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A post about my favorite person under three feet tall

Jared is officially a one and a half year old as of yesterday.  When you ask him how old he is, he says, "Wah."  This is exciting because it took us several days to persuade him that he isn't two (his favorite number).  He loves to mimic sounds and try new words.  A couple of his recent favorites, which he shouts at random, are macaroni, "mamamoni," and resurrection, "rarararah."
Jared is usually enthusiastic about everything he does, but his favorite activities are rides of all kinds, baths, plunking on pianos, carrying keys around, pretending to be a cat, and being read to. He has recently started to be equally unenthusiastic about things he does not want to do, but he can usually be persuaded to follow the example of his stuffed dog, Rufus, or to avoid a time out.

Jared is normally a very cautious boy.  He doesn't usually climb onto things higher than his knees, and then only after he has studied his climb very carefully.  He often spends a half hour at the park climbing up and down stairs without ever venturing near a slide.  One of his favorite expressions is, "Almost!"  Which he starts to say before he even tries to go up a step or climb onto our couch.  His other two favorite expressions are "don't fall!" and "help me please."  It can be frustrating when an eight inch high step becomes an insurmountable obstacle for him, but normally I am content that he isn't going to be flinging himself headlong into danger.  Sometimes, though, even the most careful child has an accident.
On Friday I set Jared on my bed while I was making it. I opened the blinds so that he could look out the window.  He stood up, giggling, to bounce on the bed.  He wasn't near an edge, so I kept making the bed, satisfied that I could catch him if he fell off.  Suddenly, he lost his balance, fell forward, and caught himself on the windowsill with the bridge of his nose.  His nose immediately swelled to twice its original size while I frantically tried to hold him still to put ice on it.  I'm not normally a parent to panic, but this looked horrendous. I called my mom, who tried to improve matters with descriptions of blood clots in the head, concussions, and broken noses that don't start to bleed for three days.  I called my doctor, who was much more helpful.  He promised that if Jared could breathe and wasn't acting lethargic there was no cause for alarm.  Sure enough, Jared was nearly back to his silly self within an hour. He had this sweet black eye/ bruised nose to be preserved forever in the family pictures we had scheduled for Friday evening.
By now the bruise has darkened, making Jared look like a raccoon.  While the bruise doesn't hurt anymore, Jared preserves a perfect memory of this traumatizing incident.  On Sunday morning he climbed into bed with Daddy to wake him up and performed a complete reenactment with his stuffed dog, ending with pointing at his nose and pronouncing a solemn, "Ow."

Today we went to the doctor's office for two shots and an 18 month checkup.  Our doctor said that Jared's nose is healing just fine, so you can stop calling back with more scary stories, Mom.  Jared now weighs 27 lbs. 10 oz. (75th percentile), is 31 inches tall (25th percentile), and has a head circumference of 50 cm (95th percentile).  He took his shots like a champ, without even giving me the looks reserved for betrayers.  Happy half birthday, Jared!  Now stop growing up so fast.

I know half birthdays stop being a big deal at some point, but when six months represents a third of your life, it seems like there should be a celebration.  We celebrated the half birthday and Todd's day off for President's Day with a walk to a nearby piano gallery and lunch out.  Jared was in "pappo" heaven until the time came for us to leave.  We were all sad to go, but Jared was more expressive than the rest of us.  Love those moments. Happily, Todd ordered me a piano as a present, so we will have a pappo of our very own in a week!

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