Monday, February 14, 2011

More Fun at Namma and Bampa's

After a long stay with Grandma and Grandpa Knight, they were probably starting to get a little tired of us.  They would never say so, but a busy toddler can be exhausting to a completely healthy adult, so we know that Jared was tiring for grandparents in less than perfect health.  We decided to give them a few opportunities to rest without us hanging around.
On January 24, Todd and his buddies, Lashley, Dan, and Bud, went to see Guster performing at the Rialto theater in Tucson.  I instructed Todd to take pictures, but apparently concert lighting doesn't make fantastic pictures, so this is what I got: 
Head banging?
While Todd was partying, Jared and I met up with Lashley and Dan's wives at Dan and Katie's house, where Tania gave Jared a great haircut.  I showed up grumbling about the boys having all of the fun without us, but the nicer wives decided to make treats for their husbands to enjoy after the concert.  Sorry Todd.  I'm glad you had a great time.  Really.
On January 25, Jared and I went with Colette, Rachel, and baby Annie to the Children's Museum of Tucson.  Jared had a great time playing with all of the different hands on exhibits.  He had such a great time that I only got about two pictures of him standing still.  For more pictures, check out Colette's blog.  Highlights of the trip for Jared were popping bubbles, watching the electric train run around the ceiling in the train room, playing with the animals in the veterinary exhibit, throwing plastic peaches in the food exhibit ("Ball!"), and the phone and the gazillion buttons to be pushed in the submarine.  
After bubble popping there was a craft, which Jared had zero interest in.  The craft was stringing beads onto a wire to make bracelets.  Jared was really bothered by all of the beads being spread around and spent the whole craft time trying to pick up all of the beads and put them back in a little cup.  
I, for one, like that he is into cleaning up.  Who needs more foam jewelry anyway?  Thanks for taking us to the Children's Museum, Colette!  This is a great place for a morning with toddlers.

Jared and I had a great time at the therapy pool with Grandma.  Jared LOVED the water.  When he discovered that the pool had support bars all of the way around the edge he insisted on hanging onto the bar himself and refused to be held.  He spent almost our whole time at the pool giggling, and didn't even mind putting his face in the water.  Needless to say, this new fearlessness had me on my guard constantly, resulting in no pictures of the little swimmer.
Swimming with Grandma wasn't the only way Jared helped her rehabilitate.  He requested rides in the wheelchair almost every time Grandma was in it, and tried to commandeer her "hopper" whether she was using it or not.
There is a special place in Jared's heart for his bampa.  It is associated with coke flavored ice cubes, turning on ceiling fans ("Whirl! Whirl!"), eating lemon yogurt, bubbles in the bath, and being pulled around the house on a towel.  Jared spent every possible moment following Grandpa around.
Grandpa claimed to love every minute of it.  I can see how being awakened from a nap twelve times by a little knock on the door and a very persistent voice calling, "Bampa? Bampa! Fan!" could get annoying.  Maybe I will have more patience when I am a grandparent.  After all of that, Grandpa was still volunteering to change diapers and give baths.  My hero!
Here are the conspirators rolling coins down a tube into a metal bowl.  Jared is a sucker for ringing noises.
And here is a picture of Grandpa bringing Jared a pillow so he will be more comfortable on his potty.
Jared discovered this potty at Grandma and Grandpa's house and got very interested in it.  He spent many hours sitting on it, carrying it around, scooting around on it, pulling the inside out, and talking about the "poppy."  Colette brought over some of Rachel's potty training books, which Jared proceeded to memorize.  One of Jared's favorite games involved him sitting on the potty, which Grandpa put on a blanket or towel and pulled around the house.  Jared's interest in potties extended to seeing how various things float in the big potty, and led to a rediscovery of flushing ("Whirl! Whirl!").  It was an exciting trip. 

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