Monday, February 14, 2011

Goodbye Again, Tucson

A couple of days before we left Tucson, partly as a result of the monster storm sweeping North America, Southwest Gas was unable to maintain the pressure in gas lines running to Tucson.  This little glitch left 14,000 gas customers in Tucson without any gas.  That's fine, you're thinking, Tucson is warm, right?  Wrong.  At the exact time that much of Tucson was without heat, and arctic chill swept in with record breaking cold temperatures.  A couple of days didn't get above freezing.  Grandma and Grandpa's house wasn't affected, but Colette and Jacob and all of their neighbors were taking cold showers and huddling around space heaters for a few days.  Emergency shelters were actually opened for people who have homes.  In a classic case of Tucsonans don't do freezing, the citywide crisis was compounded by broken water lines all over the city.
Whenever we visit Tucson in the winter I find myself thinking, "I could move back here."  I forget for a minute that nine months out of the year are intolerably hot.  And then a portion of the infrastructure collapses on the eve of a city emergency and I am happy to escape Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged world and go home.

On February 5, Todd's last morning in Tucson (Jared and I flew home the following day), Dan and Katie came over to say goodbye.  Jared and Landon played together, sort of.
We really miss our Tucson friends.  A little bit of the fun of having babies one day apart is lost when we only see Dan and Katie a couple of times a year. Our next babies are due ten days apart, so Katie and I have agreed to have them together again.
Dan at least was sad to see us go.

After we took Todd to the airport, we spent the afternoon at Colette and Jacob's recently reheated house.   Jared and Rachel had tons of fun playing together in Tucson.  Jared still asks for Rachel.
  He also associates all baby things with baby Annie.

We had a great visit to Tucson.  We were sad to leave behind our family and friends, but we hope to see all of you soon.  For anyone who is wondering, Grandma is still recovering miraculously.  As of last week, Grandma is walking again without even using a walker!  You are amazing, Grandma.  We love you!

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