Sunday, January 23, 2011


I know I haven't posted in a while.  January has been a busy month, but there isn't a lot to report.  We had a fantastic 2010, so we were happy to bid it a peaceful goodbye and ring in an east coast new year.  I have never been more delighted to go to bed at 9 p.m. on New Year's Eve.
 On January 8 Jared and I got on a plane for Tucson to spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa Knight and try to help out while Grandma recovers from her accident on December 9.  I didn't think we were that helpful when we arrived, but Grandpa went to bed for three days to recover from his month of anxiety, so I guess we've helped a little.  Trying to keep the house organized, the family fed, and Jared out of trouble is turning out to be more than a full time job, even with all of the help I get from family and friends.  No wonder Grandpa was tired!  I was relieved Todd was able to join us just one long week after we left.
Here is Jared carefully packing and unpacking and repacking for our trip.
January is usually the coldest month of the year in Tucson, so we packed for cool weather, but so far we have enjoyed highs in the 70s almost every day.  A true San Franciscan, Jared has insisted on going to the park almost every day in spite of Grandma and Grandpa Knight's big backyard.
Tucson culture is very different from San Francisco culture.  We have noticed this in a big way when we are the only ones on the playground when it is a beautiful 75 degrees outside.  We have also noticed the difference when we go on walks and everyone else out walking is either homeless or. . . strange.  We have not been deterred, though, and Jared's rapidly expanding vocabulary now includes words like "outside," "park," "swing," "stroller," "ride," "home," and, of course, "Reese," the name of Grandma and Grandpa's dog (now applied to all dogs).
Reese has been remarkably patient for a dog that is not usually child friendly.  He lets Jared grab his tail and poke his eyes.  He even cries when he sees Jared leaving the yard without him.
Grandma Knight is recovering really rapidly.  She can do something new for herself almost every day and she has less and less discomfort all the time.  She says that a big help in her recovery has been grandchild therapy. I'm not sure how much the grandkids are helping and how much they are just exhausting, but they are sure enjoying each others' company.  Jared and Rachel are constantly looking for each other when Rachel comes over, and Jared loves showing how he can be gentle with baby Annie or "help" her get her pacifier.
Jared reached a big milestone last week when he started putting two words together at a time.  His first spontaneous two word phrase was "help me," but he has added "up, please," and "fan on."  He could say a few phrases before, like "thank you" and "where are you" (wah-oo), but he used them as single units.  The linguist in me is rejoicing at this expansion in his communication.
Jared has reduced his naps from two to one since we came to Tucson, and today he went to nursery for the first time.  He found singing songs he knows and snacking on goldfish and cookies infinitely preferable to sitting through our third hour meeting.  He is growing up so fast!
I realize as I am writing this post that I need to take more pictures of Jared with his grandparents, cousins, and Tucson friends.  We will be returning home on February 6, so I will post again about the rest of our Tucson adventures, which should include a Guster concert for Todd, a trip to the Tucson children's museum, swimming in the therapy pool with Grandma and Grandpa, and much more time with family and friends.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Resolutions

It seems a bit late to set new years resolutions. I have actually been debating wether I should set goals this year or not. I really like how my time is partitioned in my life and I am a little hesitant to mess with that. After telling this to my wife she "shared with me her opinion". So I set me some goals :).

This year is a bit different from last year. Last year, 1 person could claim 1 goal, and if I did not reach that goal I paid them $100. This year I thought I would allow the participants to have more influence over me. Instead of 1 person claiming 1 goal each, I will allow as many participants as I have goals, but a goal can be chosen more than once, and any 1 person can pick any 1 goal. That way some goals may not be claimed at all, and it's possible that if I fail just 1 goal, I would have to pay 7 people $100.

So without further delay:
  1. Take a lesson/class to learn a new skill
  2. Build a toy box/bench for the kids
  3. Be able to do 100 pushups by 2012 (I don't know how many I can do now, so probably not very many).
  4. Be able to do 100 sit-ups 2012 (again, dont know how many i can do now... but I sit-up at least once a day when I wake up so I am probably close to this goal)
  5. Go on a hike in a nature place at least 12 times (average about once a month).
  6. Sky Dive
  7. (Obligatory universe shattering goal) Pay at least 1 person because of these goals
Woe... I can't believe I put number 6 on. I'm already peeing my pants a little.

Happy new year everyone! Claim your goal # in the comments (not on facebook). Only the first 7 claims count, so count the number of people claiming goals before you!