Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I should have posted this a week ago, but somehow the holidays make time go by really fast.  On November 18, Jared and I flew to Tucson for a week and a half visit to family and friends there.  Todd joined us from the 21st to the 28th.  We had a fantastic and very relaxing trip.
One of our trip highlights was meeting new baby Annie for the first time, even if she slept through pretty much everything.
 Big sister Rachel's strawberry themed third birthday party was on the 20th.  I'm really impressed that Colette pulled this off with a three week old baby.  The party was complete with a strawberry shaped cake and a homemade strawberry pinata (which Jared napped through).
With dozens of trips to the park two blocks from Grandma and Grandpa Knight's house, Jared was in little boy heaven. He took two long naps a day and slept pretty well at night.  Here is Jared at the park in a little bit of a pickle.
Not content to go around the bar to get to the other side, Jared got himself stuck in this position three times.  I rescued him twice, but the third time he figured it out on his own. He got a face full of gravel for his pains and decided to stop flinging himself over the bar.  Einstein.
We did get together with lots of our Tucson friends while we were there, but, of course, we were having too much fun to remember to take pictures.  This is too bad because Jared and Landon and Sadie were really cute together, even if Landon was sick for most of our visit.  Jared caught a little cold in Tucson, too, and developed a strange rash on his face and limbs.  We were tempted to panic, but eventually decided that since it wasn't bothering him, it shouldn't bother us, and it went away on its own in time.  I'm proud of our calm as parents.
Another trip highlight was our trip to the zoo with Grandma, Colette, Rachel, and Annie.  Tucson's zoo is just the right size for toddlers.
Jared is finally old enough to notice that the zoo has animals, so he had a great time.  Here he is noticing an elephant.
And my favorite attraction of the zoo, two cute boys!
Thanksgiving dinner was excellent, as usual when I don't have to cook.  This year it was complete with gluten free options for everything.  Since Jared wanted to spend all of his time with "Bampa," and his grandparents were only too happy to oblige, this Thanksgiving was as relaxing as we vaguely remembered Thanksgivings could be.
And for our post holiday festivities, Jared did not sit on Santa's lap.  Todd did.
Jared was happy to say hello to Santa from afar, but when it came to the prospect of sitting on his lap, we got a vice grip and a panicked, "No! No! No!"  Oh well.  At least Santa could tell us that Todd was a good boy this year.  Rachel was much more willing to sit with Santa.  She even fake smiled for the cameras.
 We had some leftover rolls, so we went to feed ducks at Lakeside Park.  Jared was a little wary of the hordes of hungry ducks,
but he loved the playground.
Grandma and Grandpa wanted to watch Jared open his presents, since we won't be there for Christmas.
Jared was better about opening the paper instead of eating it this year, but his little heart could only love one toy at a time.  Thanks for the presents, Grandma and Grandpa! Jared really loves and plays with all of them.

Thanks for a great visit Grandparents and Campbells!  Jared hasn't stopped looking around for the dog and "Nama" and "Bampa."  I'm afraid he's been horribly spoiled and now expects to be allowed to carry my watch and broom around to his heart's content, and to be read to for hours on end.  We miss you already!

Tucson was unexpectedly cold, even for November.  There were even freeze warnings several nights that we were there.  We felt a little warmer when we looked at the weather our Logan, Utah relatives were experiencing and found that they had low temperatures between -6 and -10 degrees.  As Jared would say, "Burrr-urr-urrr!"
Happy late Thanksgiving everyone!  Merry Christmas!


supercheyenne said...

I love the pictures! It looks like you guys crammed two holidays into a week.

Dan and Katie said...

I had to sit on Santa's lap too. We miss you guys!!