Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Resolutions

It seems a bit late to set new years resolutions. I have actually been debating wether I should set goals this year or not. I really like how my time is partitioned in my life and I am a little hesitant to mess with that. After telling this to my wife she "shared with me her opinion". So I set me some goals :).

This year is a bit different from last year. Last year, 1 person could claim 1 goal, and if I did not reach that goal I paid them $100. This year I thought I would allow the participants to have more influence over me. Instead of 1 person claiming 1 goal each, I will allow as many participants as I have goals, but a goal can be chosen more than once, and any 1 person can pick any 1 goal. That way some goals may not be claimed at all, and it's possible that if I fail just 1 goal, I would have to pay 7 people $100.

So without further delay:
  1. Take a lesson/class to learn a new skill
  2. Build a toy box/bench for the kids
  3. Be able to do 100 pushups by 2012 (I don't know how many I can do now, so probably not very many).
  4. Be able to do 100 sit-ups 2012 (again, dont know how many i can do now... but I sit-up at least once a day when I wake up so I am probably close to this goal)
  5. Go on a hike in a nature place at least 12 times (average about once a month).
  6. Sky Dive
  7. (Obligatory universe shattering goal) Pay at least 1 person because of these goals
Woe... I can't believe I put number 6 on. I'm already peeing my pants a little.

Happy new year everyone! Claim your goal # in the comments (not on facebook). Only the first 7 claims count, so count the number of people claiming goals before you!