Friday, December 17, 2010

It's a girl! . . . We think

On December 1 we had our 20 week ultrasound scheduled.  Todd was really looking forward to this, since this was the first thing that made Jared seem real last time around.  I'm afraid that this time was a little bit of a let down since Jared, who came with us unexpectedly, was bugged by the dark in the exam room and the length of the exam.  Not to mention the fact that, after an hour of waiting to hear what the baby is, the technician told us that she couldn't really tell.  She looked and looked, but what she finally said was, "Congratulations on your girl! I think."
It's not exactly the confidence we were looking for, but I'll take it.  I assumed we were having a girl anyway.  I have visions of pink dresses and baby dolls dancing in my head this holiday season.

Speaking of holidays, one of our neighbors told us about a neighborhood in San Carlos that requires all of the homeowners to decorate for Christmas.  For our Tucson readers, this is like a miniature version of Winterhaven.  On Tuesday evening we decided to check it out.  Most of the lights were more classy and subdued than we had expected.  We went a whole block and a half before we saw any inflatable snow globes.  My favorite was the yard with the thirty foot tall Christmas tree decked out in giant ornaments.

This was just the opening if our holiday season.  Since then we have been busily attending Christmas parties, shopping, wrapping, drinking cider, fighting off colds, packing, listening to Christmas music, and reveling in the spirit of Christmas.   There has only been one damper on our celebrations of this best time of the year.  On Thursday, December 9, Todd's mom was run over by a truck while she was out jogging.  Our worries and prayers for her have been uppermost in our thoughts for the past week, but she is getting excellent care.  Her healing is progressing faster than we could have hoped, even though it is going to be a long, slow road.  We are looking forward to being back in Tucson very soon to help, and give Grandma and Grandpa Knight some grandchild therapy.

In the mean time, our holiday vacation starts tomorrow morning bright and early with a train trip to Utah.  See you soon Utah relatives and friends!  Merry Christmas, everyone!

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