Friday, November 5, 2010

Blast Off!

Every day when Todd gets home from work, he picks Jared up and says, "Three, two, one, blast off!" and throws a delighted Jared toward the ceiling.  I say the same thing pushing him in the swing at the park.  When Jared wants us to do it again he says, "Two, two, two, bah-bow!"
This morning at eight o'clock I heard cute baby noises coming from Jared's room, so I went to get him out of bed.  As soon as he saw me, he propped himself up on one elbow, pumped the other arm into the sky, pulled his pacifier out of his mouth, and said, "Blast off!"  That is the war cry of a toddler ready to conquer the day.
Jared is always on the go these days.  After breakfast and following me around to "help" with some morning chores, he found this cat and brought it to me, meowing.  Then he curled himself into my lap, still meowing, so I would pet him and rub his tummy.  How he knows what a cat does is beyond me, but it sure is cute.
He didn't stay in my lap for long, though.  He soon dropped the cat and ran to the stroller saying, "Go! Go! Go!"
He tried to climb into it for a few minutes, but when he noticed that I wasn't moving to find his shoes and hat for him, he went off in search of those essential going-outside items.
That pursuit was dropped immediately when he noticed that I was about to start my morning aerobics.  He spent the next half hour alternating between trying to mimic my movements and emptying the contents of my purse onto the living room floor.  When I sat down to stretch, he sat down with his dump truck and started cruising across the floor after it.
"Two, two, two, blast off!"
Watching this busy little guy go, go, go is my favorite thing in the world.  If only we could all catch some of that enthusiasm to blast off into the morning.  Maybe we all would if we had an hour to nap two hours after we woke up.

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