Friday, October 29, 2010


Lately Jared has been following us around repeating, "Up-ah! Up-ah!" when he wants to be picked up.  If he doesn't think he has our attention, he will grab onto our knees and get a little louder. "Up-ah!" This is also his refrain when he tips over in the middle of a room and doesn't want to crawl to a piece of furniture to pull himself up.  Since Jared is a lazy baby (I wonder which parent he got that from) we hear this A LOT.
Todd and I decided that it was high time for us to stop indulging this laziness, so at the park on Wednesday, when Jared fell down in the middle of the wood chips and looked around for me to pick him up, I tucked his little feet under him and told him to stand up.  He caught on pretty fast, although he does still have a tendency to push himself up too far and fall over backwards sometimes.
Here's an example of Jared's new skill from this morning. He picked out his book and started walking it over to me.
Oops! Tripped on that pesky wrinkle in the rug!
It's okay, Mom, I've got this.

And then he took off too fast for me to get a picture of him standing.  Here's the best I could do.
We still hear "up-ah!" a lot, especially when our hands are full, but this new skill cut it down a little bit.  I'm hoping that this will eliminate a lot of crawling through dirt and preserve the knees of Jared's pants, but that is probably too much to hope for.

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