Sunday, October 31, 2010

One small step for baby. . .

This year I rediscovered Halloween as a mom.  It is SO MUCH more fun than I remember it being since my parents stopped letting me trick or treat at age twelve.  The first challenge was coming up with a costume.  Since I didn't want to pay $20+ for a costume that Jared would wear once, rip to shreds, and/or be afraid of, and my sewing skills are rudimentary at best, I decided to convert one of his playsuits into an astronaut costume.   I thought he looked pretty good.
I even got him a little space shuttle toy with the theory that he could carry it around, but he never stayed interested in it long enough for it to make it into a picture.
We got to dress up twice.  The first time was on Thursday for the family Halloween party Todd's work put on.  It was quite a party.  Hundreds of Google employees and their families milled around in a big courtyard with different booths for cookies, caramel apples, pretzels, trick or treat candy, kettle corn, and even an area where you could touch a live snake.  In the middle of the courtyard there was a magic show for the kids.  Jared was all over the cookies, pretzels, and unlimited juice boxes, but mostly he just liked the pandemonium.
If you are wondering what I am wearing on my head, Todd and I decided to go as astronaut Jared's alien captives. Maybe that scenario is a little too true to life, but at least we had fun with pipe cleaners.
When we were finally done partying, it was almost time for dinner, so we stayed to eat.  Jared tried really hard to fall into the pond in another courtyard, and had a great time being silly with Daddy.
Aren't these two the cutest?  I mean most handsome, of course.

We didn't have any Halloween parties on Friday, but we spent the whole morning with the volume on our phones set on high waiting for news of Todd's sister, Colette's, new baby.  Annalyn Campbell was born healthy and gorgeous around noon on October 29.  Congratulations Jake, Colette, and big sister Rachel!  We can't wait to meet baby Annie.

On Saturday our ward threw the biggest Halloween party in the history of over-sugared children.  Our ward combined with four other wards, including two Tongan wards and one Samoan ward.  My Tongan friends tell me that no one knows how to party like islanders, and now I think they may be right.  Or maybe this party was just wild because 800 church members brought all of their closest friends.  The party started with a chili cookoff and Halloween carnival, followed by trick or treating to the classrooms in the church, and then the party moved outside for a huge trunk or treat in the parking lot.
Jared was too young for most of the games, and we want to maintain his belief that bananas and raisins are candy, but he still had a great time.  I'm sure that he was just loving the pandemonium again.  He spent most of the party sitting on my lap devouring an entire fried chicken breast, and then he broke free to run around in circles enjoying all of the excitement.  We finally rounded him up for a little bit of trick or treating on our way to the exit.  Here is a picture of his first trick or treat, or, as he says, "Teet a tee!"
We walked through the trunk or treat on our way to our car and I couldn't believe some of the things that were being handed out.  One car was giving out slices of pizza, one had nachos, and another was giving out ice cream cones!  We heard today that the party was still going on at midnight.  We had to get the little moon walker home to bed, but we all had a really great time.
You might say our Halloween was out of this world.  Happy Halloween!

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Jen said...

Cute costumes! Cute baby Jared! CUTE CUTE CUTE! So good to see you today. =)