Sunday, October 24, 2010

One cute li'l punkin

This has been a busy, fun filled week of pre-holiday festivities.  On Wednesday I had my monthly doctor's appointment where I got to hear a perfect little heartbeat.
"Sounds like a girl," my doctor said.
"You can't really tell," I replied.
"No," said the doctor, "but I'm right half the time."

Wednesday afternoon Jared and I were the last to arrive at a playgroup with almost perfect attendance.  Our friend Elizabeth was hosting, and she decided that it would be a good idea for a bunch of energetic toddlers to decorate cookies in her kitchen.  She is braver than I am.  Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures, but Jen brought her camera.   Her pictures are posted here.  Here is one she took of Jared, who was content to eat his pumpkin shaped cookie undecorated (thank goodness!).
Thanks for a great playgroup Elizabeth!  There is nothing like sugar cookies and sugar infused babies to bring in the holidays.

Our plan for Saturday was to go to an air and space museum to get ideas for Jared's space themed halloween costume, but Jared woke up with a cold that led to irregular napping, and I was having an extra pregnant feeling day thanks to a bad night's sleep, so we ended up just going to buy our Halloween pumpkins.  Jared thought the pumpkins were big orange balls, so he tried his hardest to get them to roll across the floor while he repeated, "Ball! Ball! Ball!"
They were a little bit too heavy for him, but that didn't stop him from trying.
Later, our friends Thomas and Jessica and their little girl, Maddy, came over to carve pumpkins, eat pizza, and roast pumpkin seeds.  We had so much fun doing this last year with Jordanne that we didn't want to miss out on this opportunity of the season.
 Thomas turned out to be superman at carving.  He gutted three of the four pumpkins, carved the most intricate of all of the jack o'lanterns, and still had time to do most of the work preparing the pumpkin seeds for roasting in the time it took the rest of us to carve our pumpkins.  Here are the finished products.
Todd took the picture because his pumpkin is still a work in progress.  I don't think he's finished it yet this afternoon.  Thanks for coming over to play Jessica, Thomas, and Maddy!

Jared was too tired to be interested in jack o'lanterns yesterday, but today he discovered that his "balls" were a lot lighter, messier, and more interesting.
Happy Halloween week everyone!  Stay tuned for accounts of the rest of our Halloween festivities.

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Larsen's said...

How fun! Isn't this the best time of year?)

I love your doctor's comment: "right half the time"...well, duh! :)