Monday, October 11, 2010

Announcing. . .

Jared wanted to make this announcement, but since he doesn't know how to spell yet, and he only likes one key on the keyboard (Caps Lock, wHICH he IS PUShing as  i WriTE), it is left to me to convey his message.
Jared is going to be a big brother next spring.  We are pretty sure he doesn't really know what is going on, but he did pose proudly in his new shirt. He also has a newfound obsession with babies, but we think that he picked that up on our recent trip to Georgia to meet his baby cousins.
Baby Knight 2.0 is due on April 10 and we couldn't be happier.  We only have one worry.  Is it possible for one family to get two babies this cute?


Larsen's said...

Well, who knew?!?! ;) CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Jen said...

What the what?!!? Remember how I saw you tonight and you didn't say ANYTHING! Whatever!! =) Hooray for second babies! Congratulations!