Friday, August 13, 2010

Beautiful, Beautiful Idaho

We didn't stay in Logan for very long because we were anxious to get to Idaho.  We haven't been to Grandpa Jolley's ranch in a couple of years, so we were excited to see cousins, aunts, and uncles again, meet Grandpa's new wife, Pat, and enjoy the fresh farm air.
Our trip was everything we hoped it would be and more.  Jared got to see cows up close.  Isn't the scenery lovely?
Grandma Knight was there to play with Jared all the time.
Uncle Von and all of his kids and grandkids were there, along with the local family.   Boyd and Barbara with three of their kids, Emily, Sara, and Josh, and their new (first) grandbaby, Brooklyn, let us stay at their house.  Jared wasn't that interested in the baby, but he did want to play with her pacifier.
We played on Rhea and Jim's swing,
visited with Great Grandpa,
celebrated Pat's birthday, moved pipe, watched movies, toured the ranch, and played at Williams Lake.  Grandpa got his boat fixed for the occasion, so Jared got his first boat ride.
The water in the lake was cold, but Jared loves all water.
We even braved a few thunderstorms to spend the afternoon at the lake.  Todd and I rode on Big Bertha II, a big tube dragged behind the boat, which Todd spent the whole trip around the lake trying to throw me off of.  Todd went cliff jumping with some of the boys.  I used Jared's nap as an excuse to get out of that one.  Don't tell Todd I was just not adventurous enough.  Jared napped and spent every night of our trip in his little baby tent.  Grandma thought it was picture worthy.
After the day on the lake we went to the campsite where Von's family was staying to roast hot dogs and make s'mores.  Jared got marvelously dirty.  It was a great day.
The next day we stayed on the ranch, but, since we hadn't had enough of the water, we set up a giant slip and slide, filled up the kiddie pool, and set up a contraption that Boyd built called "The Soaker" or something like that.  Todd got some great pictures of people getting drenched, but, of course, they are all on his computer which I don't have with me.  I will have to remember to post later.
Jared made fast friends with his little second cousins.  Easton wanted to spend all of his time playing with Jared in the water.
We got our two nights of camping done in Idaho.  We camped once on the ranch and once the night before we went home in a campground a few miles away.  We were sad to go.  Todd fantasizes about moving to Salmon permanently one day so that we would never have to leave all the wide open spaces behind.  We'll see.
We did the sixteen hour drive home (yes, we were speeding) in one long drive.  Jared was a champ, although by the end of the day we were getting more and more of these faces:
and Jared wouldn't get into the carseat without squirming for several days afterward.
We miss you already Idaho and Idaho family! We will not wait so long to come visit again.

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