Monday, August 2, 2010

Animal Sounds

Jared is starting to get really good at identifying animals and animal noises.  So far he says "Bow-wow!" for dogs and "Moo!" for cows.  He also says "Lalala!" for pigs.  Thank you, Sandra Boynton.  Today I tried to teach him to say monkey.

Savannah: (handing Jared a stuffed monkey) Jared, say monkey.  Monkey.
Jared: (blank stare)
Savannah: Monkey. Mon-key.
Jared: (shoves monkey's head into his mouth)
Savannah: Say monkey.
Jared: (eyes widening in understanding) Dada!

This shows remarkable insight for a child of eleven months.  I think he understands a lot more than he is letting on.
Stay tuned for accounts of last week's adventures in Utah and Idaho coming soon.

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