Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Utah Again

I know I am getting really far behind on posts.  The farther behind I get, the more daunting it is to catch up, but here goes.
Faith's time in California ended this month.  We were sad to see her go, and I hadn't had enough time with my family, so Jared and I decided to go with her.  On August 10 Todd drove us to Emeryville to catch a train to Salt Lake City.  Jared was a big fan of the train.  I was a big fan of having Faith there to help wrestle a baby who was too wound up to sleep all night.
Sixteen fun filled, sleepless hours later, we arrived in Salt Lake City, where Annika (who was in Germany during our visit to Utah a few weeks ago) and Seth picked us up to go to Logan.
After we finally caught up on sleep, it was one party after another until we headed home.  That is the Humiston way.  Our first night there we had a pizza party with our friend Parker, who is leaving on a mission to Mexico in October.  He gets taller every time we see him.  This time he was taller than Jared on my shoulders.
Of course we can't really have a party without Jordanne.  Here she is making an awesome face. . .
. . . that reminded me of someone else. . .
We missed Todd a lot while we were in Utah, and not just for his awesome faces.

While we were in Logan, the Cache County Fair was going on, so we went.  Everybody goes to the fair.   Jared had fun looking at livestock.  He like the goats a lot.
He got a hug from a bull (a local celebrity).
Jared also had a great time not watching the rodeo.  People are so much more interesting!
He actually slept through a couple of events, but woke up for the big bull riding finale.

While we were in Logan, we went to the wedding of one of my high school friends, Eric.  While we were there, we got a big surprise.  Uncle Ryan, who was supposed to be stranded in Idaho working all week, got to come home for the weekend!  We took him with us to Bear Lake on Saturday.
Jared was a huge fan of Bear Lake.  Without huge ocean waves, he was brave enough to crawl right out into the water without anyone holding his hand.
This meant that we had to watch him every minute.  Fortunately we still had Faith, who was anxious to spend her last bit of time with Jared.
Jared and I were the only ones not to get sunburned.  It is hard to sit still long enough for a sunburn with a water and sand obsessed baby.
On our way home, we stopped for Bear Lake's famous raspberry shakes.  Jared got sugar silly for a little while, but he slept most of the way home.
Since Saturday was supposed to be our last full day in Utah, we had a cookout in Annika and Ryan's backyard that evening.  My friends Yeon Mi, Mariska, and Jordanne came to play with Jared.
Jared is one spoiled little boy to have so many doting aunties.
We had a nice, quiet Sunday.  Our train was supposed to leave from Salt Lake City at 11 p.m., so we left bright and early.  When we arrived at the amtrak station, we learned that our train was three hours behind schedule.  We said good bye to Grandma and Faith anyway so that they could go home and sleep, and then we parked ourselves in the station to wait.  Our train finally left a little after 2 a.m. on Monday.  All of the other babies were happy to fall immediately to sleep, but Jared was too excited.  This time our 17 sleepless hours started at night and I didn't have Aunt Faith to help.  Needless to say, this trip seemed much longer.
Jared still had a great time, and was mercifully happy most of the time.  He finally collapsed to sleep for the last hour and a half of the trip.
This got him rested and lively just in time for bedtime.  We were very happy to see Todd at the end of the trip.  Jared got back on track in no time, and I am glad we got some more time to visit our Utah family and friends.  We already miss Faith, though.  It is lonelier here without her.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Beautiful, Beautiful Idaho

We didn't stay in Logan for very long because we were anxious to get to Idaho.  We haven't been to Grandpa Jolley's ranch in a couple of years, so we were excited to see cousins, aunts, and uncles again, meet Grandpa's new wife, Pat, and enjoy the fresh farm air.
Our trip was everything we hoped it would be and more.  Jared got to see cows up close.  Isn't the scenery lovely?
Grandma Knight was there to play with Jared all the time.
Uncle Von and all of his kids and grandkids were there, along with the local family.   Boyd and Barbara with three of their kids, Emily, Sara, and Josh, and their new (first) grandbaby, Brooklyn, let us stay at their house.  Jared wasn't that interested in the baby, but he did want to play with her pacifier.
We played on Rhea and Jim's swing,
visited with Great Grandpa,
celebrated Pat's birthday, moved pipe, watched movies, toured the ranch, and played at Williams Lake.  Grandpa got his boat fixed for the occasion, so Jared got his first boat ride.
The water in the lake was cold, but Jared loves all water.
We even braved a few thunderstorms to spend the afternoon at the lake.  Todd and I rode on Big Bertha II, a big tube dragged behind the boat, which Todd spent the whole trip around the lake trying to throw me off of.  Todd went cliff jumping with some of the boys.  I used Jared's nap as an excuse to get out of that one.  Don't tell Todd I was just not adventurous enough.  Jared napped and spent every night of our trip in his little baby tent.  Grandma thought it was picture worthy.
After the day on the lake we went to the campsite where Von's family was staying to roast hot dogs and make s'mores.  Jared got marvelously dirty.  It was a great day.
The next day we stayed on the ranch, but, since we hadn't had enough of the water, we set up a giant slip and slide, filled up the kiddie pool, and set up a contraption that Boyd built called "The Soaker" or something like that.  Todd got some great pictures of people getting drenched, but, of course, they are all on his computer which I don't have with me.  I will have to remember to post later.
Jared made fast friends with his little second cousins.  Easton wanted to spend all of his time playing with Jared in the water.
We got our two nights of camping done in Idaho.  We camped once on the ranch and once the night before we went home in a campground a few miles away.  We were sad to go.  Todd fantasizes about moving to Salmon permanently one day so that we would never have to leave all the wide open spaces behind.  We'll see.
We did the sixteen hour drive home (yes, we were speeding) in one long drive.  Jared was a champ, although by the end of the day we were getting more and more of these faces:
and Jared wouldn't get into the carseat without squirming for several days afterward.
We miss you already Idaho and Idaho family! We will not wait so long to come visit again.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Road Trip! Wooooooo!

I know I have taken a long time posting pictures of our trip last week, but Jared and I came home and promptly got sick.  We are finally coming out of our fuzzy headed haze, so no more excuses.
We left on Friday, July 23 to take Jared's first road trip.  We left at 4:00 p.m. because we wanted to learn about Friday rush hour in the bay area the hard way.  No, silly, we just weren't smart enough to think that one through.  We left at 4:00 because that was when Jared got up from his nap and Todd finished his work day.  This choice added at least an hour and a half to our drive to Utah.  We were planning to camp between Reno and Winnemucca, but we ended up staying in a hotel.  This means that we will still need one more night of camping to achieve Todd's new year's resolution.
We got to Jared's great-grandparents' house in Murray on Saturday afternoon.  Aren't my Gs cute?
We didn't stay there long, though, because we had told my mom that we would be in Logan in time for dinner.  We only stayed in Logan for two days, but we packed a lot into it.
Jared got to spend lots of time with his Grandma Jill.
He had his first taste of watermelon, then spent the rest of the trip asking for "wah-tow," which his grandmas were delighted to slip him behind my back in copious quantities.
Jared and Uncle Seth played together in the park, but swinging loses some of its appeal when it is over 100 degrees outside.
To beat the heat, we went up Logan Canyon for a cookout with Uncle Ryan, Auntie Jordanne, honorary Uncle Chris, Grandma, and Uncle Seth.  We all got very dirty, especially a certain little dirt eater, but it was nice and cool under the trees.

While we were in Logan I got my biannual haircut.  I can't believe how much cheaper it is to get a haircut in Utah than in California.  I don't think I need to post haircut pictures, since there will be plenty of pictures posted.  We also went to see a $3 movie.  That means that, for all four of us who went, it was still cheaper than an evening movie in San Mateo.  I'm so depressed to be Californian right now.
We left Logan for Idaho on Tuesday morning.  It was so fun to see everyone that Jared and I decided to go back with Faith next week, when she returns en route to school.  We missed Annika, who was studying in Germany while we were there, but we will see her, and all of you beloved Logan friends and family, soon.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Animal Sounds

Jared is starting to get really good at identifying animals and animal noises.  So far he says "Bow-wow!" for dogs and "Moo!" for cows.  He also says "Lalala!" for pigs.  Thank you, Sandra Boynton.  Today I tried to teach him to say monkey.

Savannah: (handing Jared a stuffed monkey) Jared, say monkey.  Monkey.
Jared: (blank stare)
Savannah: Monkey. Mon-key.
Jared: (shoves monkey's head into his mouth)
Savannah: Say monkey.
Jared: (eyes widening in understanding) Dada!

This shows remarkable insight for a child of eleven months.  I think he understands a lot more than he is letting on.
Stay tuned for accounts of last week's adventures in Utah and Idaho coming soon.