Tuesday, July 6, 2010

An unexpected twist of fate and we are back where we started

We spent the days after my dad's visit frantically preparing for our trip to Georgia, which was supposed to start early Wednesday morning.  We were going to meet Jared's new cousins, Mckenzie and Aaron.  As our good luck would have it, though, on Tuesday night Jared woke up vomiting.  He got a 24 hour stomach flu at exactly the time when it would cause us to have to cancel our trip.  With very little sleep, a lot of pedialyte, and some prayer, we all survived the night, but instead of flying off to vacation land in the morning, we had to continue life as usual.  Needless to say, we were pretty disappointed.  We really miss our family and we are anxious to meet the new babies.  After one day of moping around nursing Jared back to health, though, we decided to make the best of the situation.  We unpacked and started making plans for our fourth of July weekend.  
On Thursday, Faith and I went to San Mateo's music in the park on our way to pick up Todd from work.    Jared didn't care for the music, but he loves people watching.
On Saturday, our ward had an Independence Day pancake breakfast.  After the breakfast was a bike parade, that we had to miss due to the call of morning nap time, but Jared found one of the "floats" and decided to inspect it.  Ruth was very patient.
On Sunday we decided to take Jared to see his first fireworks in Foster City.  Last year, we tried to show up for the 9:30 fireworks show at 8:30 and there was no parking for miles around, so this year we went at 6:00 to claim a parking spot and a piece of grass.  We played games and Jared got to enjoy one of his favorite activities again: people watching.
By the time the fireworks were supposed to start, we were all freezing and Jared was starting to get really tired.
Jared was so tired that after his initial shocked reaction to the noise of the fireworks, he started to doze off.  We watched the fireworks finale en route to the car with Jared dozing in the stroller.  This was a fun experience, but next year we are bringing more blankets, even if the day is 80 degrees.  
Todd had Monday and Tuesday off work, so on Monday we took a picnic to the Windy Hill Open Space Preserve and went on a 4.5 mile hike.  We made excellent time because Jared woke up hungry two thirds of the way through our hike.
 Monday night was hard on Jared.  He took a late nap and woke up a little bit accident prone.  First he split his lip when he was trying to wiggle his way out of a diaper change, then he jerked away when I went to pick him up to feed him and got this gigantic goose egg on his head.  Sometimes it is really tough to be a baby.
Today, Todd decided to fulfill one of his new year's resolutions and take a surfing lesson.  He signed up for his lesson in Santa Cruz in an effort to avoid the chill of the San Francisco peninsula.  As luck would have it, after a sunny weekend, Santa Cruz was cold and rainy today, while San Mateo enjoyed a perfect 75 degree day.  We left Todd to his fate and Faith, Jared, and I strolled down the Santa Cruz pier to see the view from the end.  What we found was a whole family of seals that live under the pier!

We spent some time on the beach, where Jared got to enjoy his other favorite pastime, eating sand.  He thought it was hilarious every time I pulled his sandy hand out of his mouth.
And so concludes our unexpected turn of vacation.  We are still sorry that we have to postpone our trip to Georgia, but we managed to make the best of it.  We had a really good, but very tiring weekend. Todd is exhausted from surfing, I am exhausted from making picnics and chasing Jared all over the beach, Faith is exhausted from fighting off a cold through all of our festivities, and Jared is exhausted from the hard work of being a baby.  We are looking forward to some regular days to recover from our vacation. 

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