Monday, July 19, 2010


On Tuesday, we had a visit from our friend Alan.  He was in town for some work training, so Todd invited him to come to Mountain View and have dinner where he works.  Jared and I picked up Alan and his work buddy from the train station and we braved some nightmarish rush hour traffic on our way to Todd's office.  Todd has been missing his buddies, so it was great to spend some time with Alan and hear about his new job.
Thanks for hanging out, Alan!  Next time you are here, try to remember that we live here so you can save some time for us.
On Thursday, Jared and I went to Ryder Park with our friends Jen and Ezra.  It was a hot day, so we were looking forward to playing in the fountains.  Unfortunately, Ezra would have nothing to do with the water, and Jared just wanted to see what Ezra was doing.
Aren't they adorable?  Jen thought so.
Are you jealous of her gorgeous red hair, ladies?  I know I am.  I could have stayed in the park playing all afternoon, but due to a crazy, mixed up nap schedule, we only stayed for an hour before somebody started whining, and we had to go home for a third nap.
I'm blaming the bad napping this week on teething.  I don't want to admit that, at ten and a half months, Jared still doesn't have a regular nap schedule.
 I have a plan for naps, though, so by the end of this week, Jared should be a perfectly regular napper.  This will happen just in time for us to go on vacation, of course.
In parting, here are some pictures of Jared's shenanigans from the past week or two.   
Jared in a laundry hamper.
Jared with shorts on his head.
We'll call this one, "Jared not pinching Daddy," otherwise known as, "Jared with socks on his hands thinking that it is hilarious."
And finally, Jared and Daddy up to their usual silliness.


Dan and Katie said...

Look at all those teeth!! Landon is jealous1 :)

supercheyenne said...

Ooh! The teeth are so cute!