Tuesday, July 6, 2010

On a scale of one to ten, you're a perfect 50!

I know we are getting way behind on the blog.  We have been getting complaints from Jared's grandmas, so here is a little catching up.
A week ago, we had a visit from my dad.  He came on the weekend of his 50th birthday, so we got together with his stepsister, Jenny, to throw a party.  We had a good time seeing Jenny, my cousin Leah, who is staying with her, and my dad, even if the party did go a little bit late for Jared.  While my dad was here, we went to the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve hoping to see some seals.  We went on a short hike to look down on the beach from above.  We were disappointed that we couldn't see any seals from above.

However, we went down to the beach just in time to see a rescued seal being released!

Thanks for a fun visit, Dad! Happy 50th!

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