Sunday, June 13, 2010

You will never believe us, but. . .

Today Jared got his first haircut.  I know, "What hair," right? But his hair, thin and transparent as it is, has started to grow profusely in the past few weeks, and the fuzz over his ears was starting to get unruly, so we decided it was time.
I know screen time is bad for babies, but I wonder what parents did for haircuts before Baby Einstein.  Jared was happy and still with a cookie and a show.  We would have taken before and after pictures, but you wouldn't have been able to see the difference.  Here is an after picture anyway.
He is pulling himself up on the side of the futon to practice walking.  He still looks as bald as ever on camera, but we promise he has hair.  Shorter hair.  We swear.  Really.

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Larsen's said...

I can totally tell!!!!!!! (OK, just kidding...)