Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Vacation

Faith has been so busy job hunting for the past couple of weeks that she hasn't taken time to enjoy her summer vacation.  After an interview on Wednesday, we decided to take Thursday to have a summer adventure.  Inspired by my friend Jen's adventure last week, we decided to go to Santa Cruz to have a picnic.  All of the beaches on the San Francisco peninsula are very cold at this time of year (this time of year being between January and December) so we were looking forward to a warm, sandy beach only an hour away.  Jared, as usual, enjoyed the sand.

 He says it was delicious.  He also enjoyed the water until he got hit by a surprise wave.  After that the sound of the waves made him wary and he would have nothing to do with the water up close.

This cute girl loved the California sun, but she got a little bit too much of it.  

We had a great time wading in the freezing water, hopping across the hot sand, watching a smattering of surfers, and seeing a whole bunch of seals swimming very close to shore.   There were probably fifteen or twenty seals, sometimes within ten yards of us.  It was a fun, exhausting afternoon adventure.  Next time we will have to take Todd with us.  

Saturday was Faith's nineteenth birthday.  We watched a sappy movie, played games, ate lasagna, and I made a little cake.   It sort of looks like the whole cake is on fire. 
 Happy Birthday Faith!  
I hope Faith enjoyed this miniature summer vacation because she starts a new job tomorrow.  Our new adventures will have to wait for her days off.

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