Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a very busy weekend.  Todd had a very busy week at work last week, and was surprised on Friday to discover that it was a holiday weekend.  Fortunately for Todd, Faith and I had remembered and made plans.   On Saturday we went to the temple.  We took turns watching Jared and doing temple work.  Jared loves water, and the temple grounds are dotted with fountains, so it is easy to keep him entertained.
I hope he stays small like this for a long time.  
On Sunday we went to a goodbye party for our friends, the Harmsens, who are moving to Southern California.  Kim was one of my first friends in the ward, and I am really going to miss her.
Monday was Memorial Day.  In my family, that traditionally means a day of driving to all of the local cemeteries where our relatives are buried to place flowers for our Grandma, listen to stories about the great aunts and uncles our mom remembers, and have a picnic. Occasionally we would even run into friends from school visiting the same ancestors.  Since we don't have any ancestors buried in San Francisco, we had to settle for a parade.  The town of Hillsborough had a Memorial Day parade.  Hillsborough is tiny, so we weren't expecting much.  We were surprised by horses, bands, historic cars, and probably the entire population of Hillsborough walking in the parade.
This was Jared's first parade.  He did not love it.  He was afraid of the horses, the noisy old cars, and the bands.  He even refused to wave, which is normally one of his favorite activities.  One historic ambulance turned on its siren right next to us, eliciting this face:
When the parade was over, we enjoyed some live music and a festive atmosphere in a nearby park.  Then it was time for our celebration lunch.  Nothing says patriotism and honoring our kindred dead like lunch at a Brazilian restaurant.  We have been looking for an excuse to eat at a churrascaria (Brazilian barbecue), and Todd's new job, my birthday, Faith's birthday, and our upcoming anniversary was just what we needed.  We ate at Cleo's Brazilian Steakhouse in San Bruno.  It was very good.  I think we are now addicted to grilled pineapple covered in cinnamon, and Faith and I were both brave enough to try chicken hearts.  We didn't get any pictures because we were too busy eating and eating and eating.  Then it was home for naps and relaxation for the rest of the holiday.
Having Faith here makes every day feel a little like a holiday.  She is making my life so easy.  I'm not sure how I will manage when she gets a full time job.

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