Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers' Day!

This was Todd's first fathers' day with a baby, so Jared and I wanted to make it special.  On Friday, while he was working, we got him a present and made him a card.  Doesn't Jared look impressive with his marker?
Just kidding.  Jared thought the markers were delicious and drooled red the rest of the day.
We had about the same success with our efforts to put Jared's footprint onto the card.  We will be waiting until Jared is old enough to date before we break out the paint again.
Todd was feted with breakfast in bed, a big carnivore dinner, lots of slobbery Jared kisses, and a nap.  Aren't I the luckiest girl alive to have two such great guys?

They are both napping as I write this, so you will have to settle for a picture from last Thursday at our outing to San Mateo's music in the park series. . .
. . . where Todd discovered that Jared can stand on his own for several seconds at a time.   The look Jared is giving shows how he feels about being made to stand alone.
Jared celebrated fathers' day and his 10 month birthday with a surprise new tooth.  Instead of the top tooth that he has been agonizing over, he sprouted a third bottom tooth for a total of four teeth.  The cough that everyone in our playgroup, primary class, and acquaintances seems to have contracted this week laid Jared up for a while, but he seems to be recovering incrementally.
Happy fathers' day from all of us to our dads, grandpas, great grandpas, and father figures.  A special happy fathers' day to Andrew, who became a dad on June 11 with the birth of our new nephew, Aaron.   Congratulations Cheyenne and Andrew!

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supercheyenne said...

You guys need to hurry out here so Aaron can teach Jared how to grow hair.