Sunday, May 23, 2010

If you have a little Faith

The Knights have had a good week.  The positives started on Wednesday with the arrival of my sister Faith, who will be living with us for the summer.  She reached San Francisco nine hours later than we expected, but she made it safe and sound.  We spent Thursday, Friday, and Saturday job hunting with Faith, with occasional breaks for frozen yogurt at Yogurtouille in San Mateo, donuts at Royal Donut in Burlingame, and a stop at the park for Jared.
 He can't say Faith yet, but he has started working on it.  He woke up yesterday morning saying "Effff-ah! Effffff-ah! Eth-ah!" Both of these sounds are new for him.  Maybe he will be able to get Faith's name out by the time she leaves in August.
 If wandering around downtown areas with my cool college-y sister didn't make us awesome enough, we are an aunt and uncle again!  Todd's brother Justin and his wife Marie welcomed Mckenzie Knight into their family on Thursday, May 21.  She was 6 lbs. 15 oz. and 20.5 inches of beautiful.  We can't wait to meet her!  Congratulations Justin and Marie!
Although nothing can top that, we did get more good news this week.  On Friday, after six months, the FTC finally approved Google's acquisition of Admob!  We had all but given up on a decision ever being reached.  We were about to finally stop crossing our fingers and accept that Admob alone was our destiny when we got the news.  It will take a few weeks for everything to be finalized, but our months of suspension in limbo are over.  We celebrated the good news, my birthday, and having Faith to babysit with dinner out on Friday night.  We have missed having dates.  Thanks Faith!
Today we planned to go to the park to enjoy the sunshine and play with my new frisbee.  When Jared woke up from his after-church nap, it was looking pretty windy outside.  I was opposed to going because Jared is coming down with something and he gets really bothered by wind.  Todd had his heart set on it, so we compromised by driving to the park instead of walking.  The wind wasn't too bad when we arrived, so we played for a while.
Before long, the wind started gusting wildly.  When the air was filled with dust and Todd was starting to sneeze, he decided to call it a day.  About thirty seconds after he walked out from under the tree you see above him in the picture, we heard a loud crack!  An enormous branch fell right where Todd had been standing.  Here is a not-so-great picture of the branch.  We didn't want to get any closer with the wind still blowing.
All in all, I would say it has been a really great week for us.  Faith arrived, Mckenzie was born, the FTC finally decided, and Todd survived a brush with death!  It doesn't get much better.


supercheyenne said...

I love how Jared is showing off his little teeth in that first picture.

Larsen's said...

Yikes about that branch! Your sister looks a lot like you - we met her in Relief Society yesterday. :) Glad you had a great week...hope they are all as good from now on! :)

Annidude said...

Duuude. Faith looks just like Cheyenne!

J2A2K (darth_ender) said...

Wow! I can't believe how big your little guy is! He's too cute! It sounds so fun to be having your sister with you during the summer! :) I'm so glad you are all happy and doing well. We miss you guys!