Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day!

I had one of those really fun mornings to be a mom this week. In the past I've talked about how I never seem to be as prepared as I think I am. I'm starting to think that it doesn't matter whether I'm prepared or not; everything will still go wrong at the same time.
It was Thursday morning. We went to the Sawyer Camp Trail for our walk with another mom and her two kids. Somewhere in the course of our four mile excursion, Jared started to get tired, so I gave him a pacifier and reclined his seat. This used to be all it took to have him sleeping peacefully. Apparently those easy sleeping days are behind us. He continued to fuss with the pacifier, so I didn't notice when he threw it out of the stroller. By the time I noticed, the binkie could have fallen out anywhere along a half mile stretch. The only pacifier I had with me was long gone and we had a mile left to go. I gave Jared a bottle to keep him entertained and continued on my way.
When we reached the trail head, we let the kids out of the strollers to play. Jared was stinky when I picked him up, and this time I had wipes and diapers (both at the same time- how's that for prepared?), so I put him on a bench to change him. I unsnapped his overalls to find one of those poopy messes up his back that no one ever considers when they decide to start a family. I think I have a new campaign idea for planned parenthood.
I assessed the situation and congratulated myself again on my preparedness because I had a spare onesie in my diaper bag. I fished it out only to find that I have had this particular onesie in my diaper bag for a very long time. The size printed in it is 0-3 months. Under normal conditions, this would be much too small to even consider putting on my very robust eight and a half month old, but in the time it took me to assess the situation and retrieve the onesie, Jared had wet the front of his overalls, making the need for a change of clothes even more serious.
What did I do, you ask? I did what I had to do. I squished my chubby, fussy, tired little guy into a too small onesie, which turned out to be a very big 0-3 month size and very nearly fit. This is what he looked like when we got home.

We got the shirt, shoes, and hat covered, but no pants. Three out of four isn't bad, right?  Okay, so maybe I wasn't as prepared as I thought I was.
Anyway, this is just one more experience that has made me appreciate what our moms, grandmothers, and sisters go through to keep their babies clean, safe, and happy into childhood, not to mention adulthood. We love you mamas!

Happy Mothers' Day!

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Annidude said...

Well, at least Jared could have still been served at a restaurant. "No shirt, no shoes, no service." No one ever mentions a need for pants.