Monday, May 17, 2010

Do I look like a grandpa to you?

This weekend my dad came to meet Jared for the first time.  He's having a hard time imagining himself as a grandpa, which is probably why it took him so long to get here.  I couldn't really picture it either, but he took to it quite naturally.  He even grew some gray hair for the occasion.
We had planned to go on a hike and have a picnic on Saturday, but, as usual, California weather betrayed us.  We drove to the Sweeney Ridge Trail, only to find fog so thick that we couldn't see the trail head from the parking lot. We decided to go to Ryder Park next to the bay instead, but when we got there it was icy cold and windy.  We cut our picnic short to finish at home and retreated to the swings, away from the wind blowing off of the water.
No other baby in the park got so much attention.
We had Jared's hat in the car, but why bother when he can pull off this look so stylishly?
 We took a stroll along the water while Jared dozed and then came home to thaw.  Later, we had a visit from Grandpa Michael's stepsister, Jenny, who lives in Pacifica-by-the-Sea.  She told us embarrassing stories about my dad in high school.  I think we are going to have to spend more time with her.
 On Sunday, Grandpa came with us to primary, which ended up being a big help.  All seven of our six year olds showed up for the first time ever, and we needed the extra hands.  Dad and Grandpa each took a long nap on Sunday afternoon, and then we decided to play it safe weather-wise with a walk along the Crystal Springs Reservoir on the Sawyer Camp Trail.  This area is much more sheltered than the exposed ridge and the sea side, so it tends to be warmer on windy days.  The scenery was beautiful, as always, but we know you are reading this to see smiling pictures of Jared, not picturesque woods.
 We got home in time for Jared to play with his grandpa for a little while before bed.  Then they said good night and good bye because Grandpa had to leave early Monday morning to catch his train back to Utah. 
Thanks for coming, Grandpa.  I'm glad you guys finally got to meet.

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